You’re about to be swooned..

DD The 5 tracks on your soundcloud are such a tease, I wanna hear more! Do you have any releases planned? 

H In terms of releases I’m putting something together for a new label next month, then perhaps a slightly bigger release later on in the year if I’ve got time. 

DD Your “In The Shower” version is classy. The very subtle touches to the original, like the reverb claps, give it the modern feel. When did you first hear this track?  

H Thanks. I actually only heard the song a few weeks before I did the edit, I stumbled across it whilst on youtube. I loved the vocal so naturally I decided to lay some epic-claps down.  

DD What got you interested in electronic music? Did you immediately want to become a producer? 

H Well my Dad is a producer/sound-engineer so I’ve always been surrounded by obscure electronic sounds. I’ve always had an interest in music but I’ve never seen it as a viable job option.

DD The track “Everything” has fantastic dancefloor energy. Got that Joker growl with a Night Slugs lean. Who are some of your influences, and how do you plan on distinguishing yourself as Hoodmode?  

H Yeah I think that track has quite a Joker-ish sound, It’s not particularly original – I’ve often contemplated deleting it, but it seems to get more attention than most of my other music, ironically. I think tracks like Problem Solver are more representative of my style. I don’t really listen to a lot of Electronic music at the moment, I go through phases though, I think it’s so hard to keep up to date with electronic music. I’m really influenced by producers like Terrace Martin, The Neptunes, Timbaland, 88-keys. I guess my style is informed by electronic artists like Mosca, Canblaster and Egyptrixx to name a few off the top of my head. I love older music too – stuff with wavey Moogs and Juno’s and shit. 

In terms of distinguishing myself I’m not really sure, I’m looking at working with more live percussion at the moment. 

DD Your name was passed along to me by Artek – who has a show with G. Davies on Have their been other stations/blogs playing your tracks? Im excited to share your sounds here in Seattle.  

H Hang-tight Artek. As far as blogs go, my Dons at BNTL have always shown me love, I’ve had a couple of plays on stations like Rinse.FM as well, but nothing major.

DD Last words? Thanks for stopping Disco Droppings!  

H R&B Over Everything.  

Hoodmode: Soundcloud 

– Jimi Jaxon