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1. Your songs sounds like a psychedelic journey through a video game, lots of movement, when did you first get inspired to make this kind of music?

I started doing this kind of music long ago, about 6 or 7 years. But the project “Square Tune Magician” is very recent. I really wanted to start a project inspired by the world of video game and Japanese animation. This is the culture of my generation.
I did not want to get into the usual remix, but reinterpret the music I love and transform them into dance music and touch their nostalgic feelings.

2. What do you equipment/hardware do you use for producing? live shows?

I use almost exclusively my computer. I was born with a computer in my hands, an Atari ST. That is why I have the chance to do what I want with a computer. Mainly I work with Fruityloops and tons of VST. For live I use the very common Ableton Live. I like using the MIDI controller to control my show and I love to invent new ones. Currently I work on the controllers from the world of video games.


3. Who are some current artists you are enjoying a lot?

I love SHE! And of course the classic: MSTRKRFT, Toxic Avenger, Danger, Chromeo …
In another genre, I love DJ Sharpnel. And of course, my gods of music: Whittacker, Scagenger, Tao, Madmax, A Cool … etc.

4. What’s the most inspiring show you’ve attended so far?

I have not had the opportunity to get out much lately…Nothing special in my memories. ahahah šŸ˜€

5. If you could collaborate with any artist, who would it be and why?

I would be honored to work with singers of rap! I love mixing styles. I have no desire to work with a particular artist, but I’d love to work with people with whom I get along well.

6. What are you most excited to work on in 2010?

This year I’ll work on more energetic music! I will make some hard energy music, and catchy tunes. And I’ll try to go to Asia, especially China and Japan.