Fresh Espresso is one of the most enjoyable things I have heard in so long..After hearing “The Lazerbeams” on KEXP, I’ve been needing my fix of their wonderful music

3. Your lyrics feel “unconventional” in that they seem to move within the frameworks you guys create, very free and breezy. What most influences your lyrical style?

What most influences my lyrical style? WOMEN… Ha! Just kidding (not really).

Um.. but, I feel like on glamour one of the key themes is portraying our grimey, poverteous lives in there own kind of elegance and style. Like if your eating Ramen everyday, you kinda have to create this fantasy world where the grimey side of life is romanticized.

When we were writing our first album we were very poor. I was homeless. Rik was mostly un-employed… and to escape that reality we wrote tunes about living large and living the glamour life.

That may not always be a central theme in our future tunes, but on our last record it certainly was.

4. What’s Fresh Espresso most excited to work on in 2010? Any individual projects in the works?

There are some wonderful oppurtunities for colaboration in 2010… we are also working on our next record. We definatly have some surprises up our sleves for 2010, just you wait.

Watch out for those lazerbeams.