this is so tight..I would love to just live inside these beats

ERTH FIEND (cut/demo) by Slamagotchi


1. That small demo of “ERTH FIEND”, ahhh I really like it! Are you working on more tracks similar to this one?

At the moment im trying not to restrict the genre as you can probably tell with the music i have posted. having only started not long ago i think its important to try out different styles and influences before i limit myself to one sound. i have a few tracks similar to that, and i do think im heading in that direction, but anything could happen. basically just rolling with the punches at this point.

Unknown beat by Slamagotchi

2. I feature a whole bunch of house dj/producers from AUS, sounds like you got a lot of fun going on there! How has your location influenced your music as Slamagotchi?

I started of listening to glitch about a year ago now, when i lived in sydney. the scene over there is getting pretty big, with local producers such as Dizz1 and Mark Pritchard aka Harmonic 313 doing there thing. It was through one of my friends that i was introduced to glitch and have been listening to it from then on. I have since moved back to my home town of Adelaide where the scene isn’t as big, but i am working on getting stuff of mine and other producers out there, as i know it will take off soon.

3. your beats are sooooooooo sexy. what got you inspired to produce? what has this evolution been like for you?

The first ever glitch i heard was the Hudson Mohawke mixtape and my favorite song was trapper keeper by Low limit and it blew my socks off! i have been looking everywhere for new beats ever since and i figured i may as well start to make some stuff of my own, just as a hobby. I got a copy of ableton Live about 7 months ago and pretty much spend every waking minute just playing around. basically the evolution of my music has been related to the music i was listening to at the time, and also just creative thoughts that lead from one interesting point to another. its still early days though so there is still alot more development that im going through.

4. For any fresh newbie producers like myself, what’s encouraged you to continue with your music productions?

Basically just as a hobby. music has become my life in the last 12 months and i guess that passion for new and experimental ways of creating music has pushed me on. It’s actually taken my by surprise that amount of good feedback that I have been getting so this has also influenced me to keep making music.

Hypnotized by Slamagotchi

5. Any big projects in the works?

Hopefully getting an EP together soon now that I have some spare time on my hands – No dates are set for anything yet..but in the next couple of months or so. I’ve actually set up a few collabs with some other beat makers so there should be some interesting stuff coming up in the very near future.

6. Favorite phrase at the moment?

“you cant get anywhere unless you start” – the back of my bus ticket.