Bit Fantastic(Makes Van) – Other Space by Makes Van

A lot of these upcoming posts come from the artists followed by SeePM on Soundcloud (see his post a little ways down..). Up first, Makes Van.

Some of this interview got lost in the russian-english translator, so yah! Take what you will from it, the music speaks loudly enough.


1. What’s it like in Russia? I’ve never been..

Russia the country of mad people, all rush against each other, it is not enough calmness, the love to a rap too hasn’t enough! At us this culture tried to eradicate some times, but we live and we do that that we do. 🙂

2. How would you describe your music as Makes Van?

The beginning! I only begin, I write only one and a half year, I have a bad sound card, standard in the old computer, FL Studio, mouse and keyboard. All most is hot ahead. 🙂

3. What’s the best show you saw in 2010?

I don’t go on concerts! I live in a province. All stars arrive to Moscow, MF Doom, Wu tang, Ev and Alc, Meth and Red, Public Enemy, Talib Kweli and others. Very much I want to take part in Red Bull Big Tune!

4. Best encouragement you’ve gotten as an artist?

In Russia it is a lot of with whom I work, basically with known rappers. Has now started to work with USA. Axe butane, Mateo, DJDX, and others. And in general would like to cooperate with Sean Price and Prodigy (Mobb Deep)

Makes Van – Money in the sand(raw shit) by Makes Van

5. Any projects in the works?

Two Instrumentals albums and one will be with invited rappers. In work on an album will take part Russian and American rappers, I will be as Producer.

6. Favorite phrase?

Kind smoke!

Makes Van – Обратная сторона неба(RAW DEMO) by Makes Van