Lupid Ocampo – Moonrise by Lupid Ocampo

Back into it with the posts! Coming in from the bassy leftfield, Lupid Ocampo!!

Check out these songs, also here’s a link to his full and free “Wysibc” release..


1. Hello. How are you? How is Germany?

Hey, thanks It’s all good!

Living here since 1991 and I can say that it’s a country with a lot of variety and many creative people and ideas. Sometimes a bit shortspoken but overall it’s cool to live here.

2. What kind of environment would you like to make with your music as Lupid Ocampo?

Sometimes I imagine driving a space cab watching the stars fly by, I guess this would be a refreshing environment.

Lupid Ocampo – Modern Voodoo by Lupid Ocampo

3. What got you interested in producing?

I used to listen to a lot of Hip Hop and Drum’n’Bass in the 90’s and started Djing, but I always felt like something was missing. The thing is my interest is much more on beats than on rappers. When a friend introduced me to Cubase and a Sampler it just happened.

4. How’s the electronic community in Germany? Or is most of your presence felt through online music sites?

The scene here is huge especially for Electro, Techno and House. But honestly it’s not my cup of tea.

When you break down the scene into different styles, Leftfield Beat Music is slightly underrepresented but growing. There’s no day that I don’t discover new folks. So, yes by now my presence is mainly through the web.
5. Any fun projects in the works?

Just finished my ‘WYSIBC’ Ep which is more like a sketch book of ideas and released it on Morgen Noi Collective. I’m working on a lot of stuff, collaborations, and always exploring new sounds.

And got an EP dropping on *Export Label in the 2nd or 3rd quater of 2011. Let’s see what else is going to happen… just staying busy.

6. Favorite phrase?


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