Sun Shy (FROM THE NEW B&K ALBUM COMING 2011!) by Blank and Kytt


1. Sun Shy is such a warm song! This comes from your guys’ new album coming in 2011, how’s that coming along?

Kytt – Sun Shy is all about the sample. I remember when I made the initial demo of the track I had it on repeat for a long while. I’m not self indulgent, I guess it’s the beauty of producing hip hop; you utilize so much source material that the line between what’s yours and what’s not blurs, and I feel you enjoy your output a lot more this way. We have the tracks down, it’s just a case of meshing them all together. I’m hoping this will be a very solid album.

Blank – Thanks, we’re both looking forward to dropping the new record. It’s a distinct progression from 3010 (the record we dropped earlier this year). We’re mixing the album as we speak.

Artist: Blank and Kytt | Song: Shii by Disco Droppings

Artist: Blank and Kytt | Song: Looky Here! by Disco Droppings

2. How did you two get together and collaborate on these Blank and Kytt songs? Do you have solo projects as well?

Kytt – We initially began as solo artists. I knew Matt from school, and a couple of years after parting our separate ways we ended up meeting again and going to a show together. We began talking about current influences, and the rest is history. We produce music in very different ways, and this shows through the variety of material we release. In terms of collaboration, our approach is very different, and we never have a set formula. Some tracks our solely mine, some solely Matt’s, and some from the two of us. We have solo projects on the back burner, be sure to check out Ubel and Sjuss.

Blank – Kytt just said it all. Every beat I’m making right now is Blank & Kytt though. I made some dubstep and drum and bass a few years ago. I’m relatively new to making hip hop.

Nova by Blank and Kytt

3. What are some of the best shows you’ve seen this year?

Kytt – I don’t get the time to see many shows, but i’ve been lucky to catch Prefuse 73 with Dimlite and Why? relatively recently. Both were fantastic shows. I love Scott Herren’s attitude to performing; get on, rock the MP, and get off. Simple, straight forward, raw.

Blank – Seeing our friend Young Montana rip it up in Coventry was great. I’ve not been to a whole lot of shows this year. Hudson Mohawke, Dimlite and Prefuse 73 are among the best I’ve seen recently. I’m seeing The Fall tomorrow.

4. There’s a lot of space and breath in your songs, has this always been a big part of your style? How has it developed over time?

Kytt – For me the production (from the sourcing of material, to the reverbs, to the compression) is just as important as the musicality. A lot of people are producing hip hop nowadays, but they seem to use fruityloops kicks and dead snares. It simply doesn’t ‘sound’ like the hip hop they want to make. So the space and depth simply comes from the formulation of all these things, and the will of exploration to find sounds you’d otherwise miss.

Blank – I’d never really made Hip Hop before meeting Kytt. So starting this project really opened my ears up to a whole new aesthetic. The main thing is just having fun throwing new ideas around. Nothing we do has the intention of a particular subversive message outside of it. What you hear is what you get.

5. Any words for the young producers out there, just getting started?

Kytt – From my stand point, our music isn’t ground breaking. It’s something you put on if you’re a real hip hop head, and bounce to. I like to leave complexities and symbolism to the other guys. If I was to give you any advice i’d say enjoy yourself. If you like what you’re doing, someone else will. Don’t ever force yourself to make music to somehow impress or reassure yourself, it’ll simply sound false.

Blank – What haven’t you heard that you’d like to? There you go..

Ferbiez by Blank and Kytt