The recent posts have put me in a wonderful mindset. Hopefully, some of you are floating about as well…

Enjoy Soosh.

Bayán by Soosh


1. Hey! How are things over in Glasgow?

Well, ive actually moved from Glasgow to BC, Canada a few months back. Hoping to be here for 6 months or so. So yeah, its a wee bit more chilly but my friends back home tell me we have a tonne of snow at the moment! Things are good here, enjoying the freedom of being away from home and all the new adventures that it brings. Really looking forward to exploring the snow and getting some boarding in. I do miss the music scene in Glasgow which is pretty good with the likes of luckyme and numbers reppin the city.

2. What got you interested in producing?

I was always into music in a big way, hiphop and drum n bass early on at uni and then into lots of different stuff. I got into dj’n about 10 years ago…..about 5 years later I got a cracked copy of fruity loops of a friend, got excited for a while and then really bored of sample loop based music. Two years ago I got back into it, I bought Abelton and some synths and NI maschine-which has been amazing. Lately I’ve found the process much more exciting, I can make most the noises I need myself and manipulate sample/sounds the way I want. I feel I’m actually creating the music now, as opposed to just sampling a loop and putting a beat behind as i did in the past.

Life in molasses by Soosh

3. How would you describe your music, apart from genres?

I guess in most of my music I try and capture a particular feeling. Atmospheres and textures are really important to me. Sometimes I wish I could just make a banging track but more often than not most my things come out pretty relaxed, loose and organic sounding. It’s not really intended for dance floors although with the right crowd I’m sure some people could let loose! I’m always getting into new sounds and I think you can hear that in my music.

4. If you could collaborate with any artist, who would it be and what would you make?

I haven’t done any collabs yet, mostly due to the fact I never thought my stuff was good enough…in the past year I’ve surprised myself that I can actually finish a tune to a level I’m happy with-that’s something I really struggled with before! As far as artists I love to work with, Nathan Fake-love his synths and warmth in his music. Zach Condon from Beirut, would be cool to do a folky-americano-ambient hiphop project! Mike Slott, who I know through a friend when he lived in Glasgow. I love his music. There’s so many, I’d also love to get some proper vocals in my music……Beth Gibbons are you listening!

5. What’s been your favorite Soosh song so far? What stood out about the process or finished piece?

rainbow hiccups by Soosh

Rainbow hiccups is up there and probably my most recent one Bayan, named after my nephew who arrived last week :). Process wise, I’ve just had lots more time since coming to Canada to be creative, sit down and really get some ideas down. I find I’m finally getting to a level where I know what I’m trying to do, and what’s missing etc. Half my tracks were half written over a year ago, and its been only within the last two months I’ve been able to sit down, add to them and be happy with the end result. Buying some new hardware has been inspiring and fun! You can never have enough gear!

6. Any projects in the works?

Ive got a dozen tunes on the go at the moment and intend to get a demo together over the next few months. I’m excited about music at the moment, and hopefully good things are ahead. Oh, and I need to get back home soonish to meet the wee man and get him ready for his music education!

Sleepy rocking chair by Soosh

I’ll be typing again soon, just you wait!..