The sounds keep rollin’ in! The second track down by featured artist Astrejinkins, entitled “Lift Cube” has been offered to you for free.


DD: You’re from California.. how does this environment affect your music? Have you been to Low End Theory? I’d love to go!

A: Ahh man, cali is too dope. The positive vibes and 70 degree weather is great, so I guess you can say all of that helps. Low End is dope as well, my first night there was the night Odd Future Performed. They did great!! I’ve been waiting to go to that place since I was 15.. now that I’m of age, the next goal is to perform there.

DD: How do you feel about your electronic community? Have you found a good group of artists, whether online or where you live, that you can get inspired with?

A: The music Scsne is ridiculous. Almost intimidating, but it’s a great thing at the same time. I like the fact that the producers are in control of what’s going on. And also that its more about the music than the lyrics. And yeah, I have been communicating with a lot of like minded artists around my age with the same passion for this. Local, and internationally.(shoutout to DJ Primate!)

DD: What sparked you interest in electronic music? Did you grow up listening to it?

A: Just wanting to know how. My father is an MC and he has friends who make instrumentals. So one of his friends gave me fruity loops 6 and I’ve been using that along with the versions they have now. But nope, I grew up listening to mostly hip hop, and soul music. Not till around 06 was I introduced to this scene.

DD: What’s the best encouragement you’ve gotten as an artist?

A: “Just keep doin you.

DD: Anything major planned for 2011?

A: Remixes and collabo’s mostly, chillin on the solo release for a while. Have to do a remix for SertOne’s upcoming release, Doing another remix for Birdy Earns, and working on Me and Loon’s collab release. There’s other things going on that I don’t wish to mention at this time, but all I can say is that I’m pretty excited and 2011..will be a busy year.