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DD: You’re from France! yahhhhhh. I love french electronic music, Daft Punk introduced me to the whole electronic world, any french artists especially influence you?

YO: I don’t really listen to electronic french music, this is not the kind of music that has really influenced me…even though I love electronic French artists like Mr Oizo, Fulgeance…It is not a typ e of music that influences me, but more the sensibility of a musician, his universe. I’m a big fan of Dimlite’s music, (who’s from Switzerland, just near my town) and James Blake…

DD: You’re music is SOOOOOOOOO FUNKY. JEZZZZ. what / who brought the funk into your life?

YO: Yeah, I really like when it grooves! When I was a student, I was listening a lot of Funk music, and i played drums in a Funk formation. Now I listen to very diverse types of music, but funk remains essential…I don’t know why , but when I start a song, it’s  just instinctively something funky.  I often try to work in different ways, so that I’m not doing all th e same things (even if  I love funky tracks!).

DD: You’re a part of Eklektik Records, what’s this label like? How has being signed impacted your work and goals as an artist?

YO: Yes, I’ve been on Eklektik Records for 2 years, working now on a full length for this label… the first time I met the boss of the label, I didn’t tell him that I was doing music, because for me there was no ambition. A few months later, he found me on Myspace &  disc overed that I made music. He contacted me because one of my tracks interested him, so this was the start…it made me want to continue. Now I’m working on my future album with collaborations and remixes by amazing musicians…

DD: What’s your production style like? How long does it take to get to a finished piece like “pfff”?

YO: hmmm, to ma ke a track like “pfff”, I started to  work on drum elements, I arranged the elements to create a special groove, to imagine what the track will be. I collect and work synth & bass songs, and after that I play and record a lot of parts before selecting those that will work well together. I think  it took a lil’ more than a week to finish..
DD: You’ve got a collaboration in the works called Padwriterz yah? What’s that gonna be like?

YO: Yes, this is a new project signed to Eklektik Records. we’re working on a Ep for the beginning of 2011…It’s a project with 2 beatmakers (“Zo aka La chauve-souis”, and me) and 2 graphic designers (“Damn Good Coffee” & “Small”). It’s a project for l ive performances where all machines are connected. The project will be awaited in France, I hope that we can present it to the most people…
DD: What have you got planned for 2011?

YO: Can’t wait to see what 2011 holds for me! I’m waiting  on the 2×12 of my project “YoggyOne & Friends” with a lot of nice guests (Devonwho, Ichiro, Josip Klobucar, Ad Bourke, Herrmutt Lobby & Morpheground). I’m mastering the Ep of Padwriterz. I’m working on my album (2×12 on Eklektik Records). And tracks for compilations, collaborations and remixes in the works…




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