GET GROOOOVY. Dave’s got some sweet style, so so glad to have another Trouble artist on my blog!

June DJ DEMO by dave-winnel

*Here’s a link to Dave’s latest EP release


1. How were you introduced to electronic music?

I was introduced into electronic music when I was about 14. I started ‘DJing’ almost straight away, playing at mates parties, to bigger events and then finally to night clubs when I hit 18. My first and most memerable CD was Tiesto Majik 6, Live in Amsterdam. I just visited Amsterdam last week for the first time so that was cool to finally get to where it all started for me, especially now that Amsterdam is known as the dance music capital of the world.

2. How has your music creation process developed over time?

My music process has developed greatly over the years. I started off producing trance at a very young age… Thankfully these tunes never saw the light of day. I started producing electro when that scene took off in Aus, and now I prefer a more techy vibe to my tunes. I still like to make my tunes big and with lots of groove. I always used software alone, no hardware, I’ve recently bought the Dcam Synth Squad synths and they rock, seriously the best plug in i’ve heard.

Mylo – In My Arms (Dave Winnel 2010 Bootleg) by dave-winnel

3. Currently, who are some of your favorite artists?

There are so many great producers here in Australia which I love, Bass Kleph, Tommy Trash, Frew, Hook N Sling, Sam La More & Christian Luke are all doing great things for me at the moment. Overseas though I really dig Hardwell’s grooves and Popof, Joris Vorn, Pryda & FLG.

4. What is the electronic scene like in your part of Australia?

I’m from Sydney, Australia and I feel the scene is really strong here. There are lots of great little clubs all in one long strip known as the notorious Kings Cross. All genres are welcome in Australia. But the Tech scene is very strong at the moment which is great because I’m right into that. Also the Dutch Sound and even the dubstep movment is quite big here in Sydney which is cool.