Speaks for itself.
2ManyDJ’s playing PJU remix of Zongamin – Azzazza at Coachella festival:


1. What do you love about electronic music?

I love the sound! Sounds cool & fat, and also the possibilities, there’s some much you can do to make things sound challenging and cool.

2. You’ve played alongside some phenomenal artists (2ManyDJ’s, Erol Alkan, SebAstian, Boys Noize!), who have been some of your favorite artists to share the stage with? Any especially memorable moments at a show?

There’s loads, my favorite is prob Dour Festival in Belgium in 08. Rocking 5000 people going crazy is a great feel. Fav artists to play with? We had a lot of fun with mr Flash in Venice, also with Kavinsky in Milan, doing a tour with Beni was crazy fun, also the mini euro tour we did with Chromeo last autumn was great.

3. How has your music production process developed over time?

We try to go with the times and develop but don’t slavishly follow every new dance music trend that comes along.

4. What kind of equipment do you use? Both for live shows and production..

We use Logic 9 with Ableton in slave mode. Then lods of soft synths, real synths, guitars, live bass, percussion. We dj on CDJ’s only, no Serrato or Live. We do our own edits and fuck ups of all tracks before though.

5. What would you say to anyone interested in getting into DJ’ing/producing….the whole deal?

Don’t give up! Make sure you do your own thing and stick to it, you got to have your own sound!

6. What’s in the works for PJU in the rest of 2010?

We’re just finishing a remix for Kele’s (Bloc Party) new track called Everything. Then we’re doing a remix of Crystal Castles new track Baptism. Our remix of Zongamin – Azzazza should hopefully come out soon.

Then there’s at least one EP with new PJU stuff. We’ve worked hard the last 18 months on our own music and countless co-labs with lots of cool singers and artists all over the world. Names will be revealed very soon!