I believe you can look at these videos from so many angles and gain something positive. For some, there are some relaxing meditations here to lessen stress, worry and such. For the music producer, ambient soundscapes with a variety of themes to take influence from. For the spiritual seeker, these can be a catalyst, doorways to the unconscious, a deeper realization of self, and/or a connection with the Divine. I would consider myself a some combination of all these, and I’m hyped to share Nu Meditation Music here on Disco Droppings. This is a resource I use just about every day now, which I can’t say about any other music at the moment. It’s a part of my life, and soundtracks a variety of my activities. I care about style, and when I first found this channel I was relieved to see graphic design that wasn’t cheesy, as many New Age graphics can be (spoken with love, haha). A certain male from Portugal crafted a 100 video strong collection, neatly organized into playlists such as “Binaural Beats and Meditation Music”, “Sleep Music & Sounds”, “Shamanic Meditaiton Music”, and “Chakra Meditations”.

I’ve gone on some journeys with these: had restful sleep, exercised, drove, meditated, studied, had sex, everything! They are very malleable and overall expansive.



I’ve included some personal favorites or regulars in my history. Hope these are of some use to you. And cheers to Nu Mediation Music! Please keep it up!:]

Graphic: Ricardo Fernandes

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– Jimi Jaxon