DD: How are you Mr. Airwolf?

A: I am very, very good! Besides being good, I am just really busy and overwhelmed with all this work I’ve managed to get myself into haha.

DD: Ok that remix you did of “We Run The Night” is phenomenal. I know this will be popping up in future DJ sets of mine here in Seattle. How did you approach this remix?

A: Thank you! Im really glad you like it! I’m not entirely sure when I first started it, it kinda just all plopped into place, which I was really happy about. Nothing worse than sitting on a remix that goes no where, when you’ve worked on it for so long (which is what I’m facing right now with another remix I’m working on for artist Urchins). 


DD: I’ve been hearing some radddd stuff from AUS, what’s it like down there?

A: It’s actually really good, I enjoy the whole oz music scene. I think it’s great. Theres obviously a lot of amazing stuff coming from overseas too, and from the stuff I’ve heard that should be coming out within the next few months out of oz. There’s so much more amazing music to come out just in time for summer (down here) which is great!



DD: What’s been your favorite song to produce so far?

A: Out of the tracks that have been released, I would have to say my remix of Sydney Band ‘Slicker Cities’ called Paradise. It’s kind’ve like two songs in one really. I kinda switched up the middle into more of an upbeat, fun tune. But it’s fairly old, so the production skills wern’t up to scratch back then haha. 

DD: How would you describe your connection with electronic music? 

A: Married for 48 years with a few fights over the years, but still in a strong relationship. On a producing point, I don’t play any instruments, just self taught. So i’m like a 1 year old, smashing keys on my hardware like a fool, hoping something will start to sound some-what musically good. Then I kind’ve take things to midi, to fix it all up really. On a DJing point, I love it. I play a lot of my tracks in my sets. On a listening point, Not so much a close relationship, Really just into my funky 70s and 80s. Really into My Brothers Johnson, and Chic etc.


DD: Plans for the rest of the year?

A: My EP should finally be out, just putting the final touches on it for release on the Australian label ‘Sweat It Out’. Releasing one track on a Compilation EP for ‘Common Trolls Recs’, and also releasing a single with Trumpdisco, which I’m super excited about! Such a really good club track! So, lots to release, lots to finish, and touring at the end, which I cant wait for !!

DD: Last words?

A: Check out my photo blog if you like drunk chicks and if you’d like to see random other shit I  do in my life – www.airwolfparadise.com . Like me, follow me, email me and thanks for sticking around and reading my rambling on xxx



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Stay classy Seattle, 

Jimi Jaxon