DD: I enjoy following you on Twitter, you are very lively. If your voice could be heard by a million people, what would you say?   

LOL! Yeah people tell me all the time they love my tweets, My mother told me to never hold back my words so I don’t. But to answer your question I would tell the world to follow me on twitter @dantelewis and to STAY GOLD!  

DD: For the most part, this is an electronic music focused blog. I think it’s good to jump around a bit, What about Hip-hop connects with you most?

Yeah I noticed your blog was electronic music focused and thanks for doing this interview Jimi… Hip hop has always connected with me since I can remember, I have always loved hip hop. But I never thought it would provide a living for me so I’m grateful for that. I think Hip Hop is a genre of music that has no rules, so I think that is what drives me to it the most. But I want to be a big time POP music producer with 50 #1 hits and 8 grammys…. Wishful thinking I know but I work hard enough for it to become a reality….  

DD: What’s the music community like in your area? Do you have a stronger presence online?   

Well I live in Norfolk, VA and I’m the Head Engineer/Producer at DNA RECORDINGS in Virginia Beach, VA shout out to my boss Darren Flowers for the Opportunity (follow him on twitter @deeeflow) As you know a lot of talent has came from this area Timbaland, The Neptunes, Nottz Raw, and Lex Luger is making his mark now. I would say the music scene is good its not as saturated as other markets I just wish we supported each other a lil more… Its def a Producer town tho and its a lot of talented cats out here like my boy Click n Spark (follow him on twitter @clicknspark) it sounds foreign now but he’s a hard working kid, you’ll know the name soon enough.

My online presence is not how it use to be, I owe my career to myspace i made a lot of connections and money using it to my advantage… I wanna take this time out to thank Tom…. THANK YOU TOM! But I’m getting off my ass and trying to build it back up now tho.. The internet is a valuable resource that all musicians need to utilize. We live in a digital age and everything is online. I need my name and music all over the net! and it will be..   

DD: Of your tracks on Soundcloud, which was your favorite to produce?  

THE NEW SCENE! Thats fucking high end Hip Hop!!!! First song I’m playing when I buy my Range Rover.   

DD: Last words?

What was a airplane before it was built??? A dream that one day man can fly!!!!  What was a Rocket Ship before it was built??? A dream that one day man can walk the moon!!!  So to make a long story short FOLLOW YOUR DREAMS!!! Oh yeah… Shoutout to my big homie Dave, @ms_lecter my lil homie @micahmoney (ginger coming soon all songs produced by me) and the Virginia Beach Yacht Club (@myron_vbyc and @mikegenua_vbyc). #STAYGOLD  



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– Jimi Jaxon