DD: I am looking outside, it’s sunny and I’m hearing your song “EtherWaves”. Feels pretty goooood. What are you doing at this very moment?

Well, I am sort of multitasking. Juggling in between creating tunes,drawing and writing. Contemplating on a theme for an EP/LP I would like to work on.

DD: Any major inspirations or leaps in your creativity lately?

Everything inspires me really. From blogs to forums, random stuff. I am kind of an info junky. Oh, and listening to TONS of music as well will get the creative juices flowing for me.

DD: How would you describe your work as an artist?

As far as music, I like to do what you may heard other people refer to as “sketches”. Whether it is a drum pattern, a note from a synth, or a sample, any of those elements can dictate the direction of the tune for me. Some good old messing around with the settings in the software and getting wild with experimentation will do the trick for me as well. Sometimes I’ll just throw some random stuff in and “mold” and shape the sound like a sculptor would do with clay, finding out what sticks and what doesn’t. I probably have close to 100 of these “sketches”.


DD: Which artists are you most influenced by? What would you say to them in person?

Man, I would have a list for days….Lets see, the ones that have opened my mind in terms of what is possible in the world of sound creatively….

Amon Tobin, Secede, μ-Ziq, Funckarma, I am probably forgetting some more, but these are some of the artists I listened to before I even thought of taking an interest in music production seriously. I would first like to shake their hands for the stunting stuff they put out over the years. I would like to see what type of gear they work with out of curiosity.   


BLAKBODY on Soundcloud

 – Jimi Jaxon