DD: I see lots of flyers around Seattle for your Trashed shows, How do you feel the year has been for your Magazine and crew? 

The night went from 0 to 60 over night for the most part and this past year has been one big blur. I feel the night, blog, and team becomes tighter and tighter as the days go by. We’ve gone from a monthly, to a kind of roaming party. Doing different one offs and other things around town. Home base has been The Baltic Room but we’ve worked with Hunter Gatherer Lodge, ETG, Temple Billiards, The Islander Yacht, and we’re gonna be working with Neumos on a semi regular basis now. So over all loving what’s happened and where we’re going!

DD: Describe the overall feel of the upcoming Trashed Showcase at Decibel Festival on Saturday, Oct. 1..

We got RAC coming in to headline. We’re pushing the TRASHED sound so the show it self will be what people are used to. I’m not gonna go in to great detail cuz we like the shows to be a surprise to the people that attend but I will say we’re gonna have more then the usual props and the booth is gonna be a little interesting ;]. For more on RAC check out their
Soundcloud. Over 100 remixes for free download.

DD: Outside of your showcase, who are some artists you cannot miss this year at dB?

I definitely wanna see Onset’s showcase this Wednesday with Hive and Total Science. Thursday, If I head out I’m gonna check out Ladytron at Sinthetic. Friday’s HUGE with Moby, Trust Showcase and Breakage. Saturday, TRASHED! and Sunday is DBridge but I’m not gonna be out I’m sure. I’ll need my sleep after that. Dbfest once again bringing it proper. Gonna be a crazy weekend for sure!



– Jimi Jaxon