Along with local producers Cyanwave, the Blurring The Lines showcase will feature performances from

Martyn (3024 / Brainfeeder)

Martin Buttrich (Poker Flat, Planet E, Cocoon Recordings) 

Max Cooper (Traum Schallplatten, Bedrock, Veryverywrondindeed) 

Egyptrixx (Night Slugs)

DD: There is a very smooth, sexy feel running through these sets of yours on Soundcloud. How do you harness all this groovyness? 

We really focus on the interaction and balance of every element in the mix.  Most of our sounds and programming are reactions to what the other is doing.  By constantly playing off of each other we are able to build and explore different grooves and ideas.  We use this idea in the way we approach writing material as well as performing.  When the song writing and performance aspects come together that energy and feeling can really be captured.

DD: What about Decibel connects with you the most? You’ve been placed on a massive showcase, Egyptrixx is one the acts I’m most excited to see, and Martyn and Max Cooper have been doing some incredible things..Best of luck with your performance! 

We are definitely very excited and proud to be part of the Blurring the Lines Showcase. All the acts involved are pushing unique and forward thinking sounds, especially in a Live format.  The AV showcases, boat parties, and conferences keep us pretty busy between most of the events all weekend.  Connecting with so many new friends and close ones at the same time through great music is one of the amazing things about Decibel Festival. Thanks!

Cyanwave on Soundcloud    

– Jimi Jaxon