DD: Welcome back! Thank you again for that “Cascade Bass Mix”, a sweet addition to the tracks on the Disco Droppings Soundcloud. What a great year for your label, Car Crash Set. Congratulations on all the releases and shows in 2011!

C: Thank you!  It’s been a really fun year and there were a number of really excellent, exciting releases.  As always, I’m looking forward and 2012 is looking really outstanding!  Watch out!


DD: What kind of presence and influence do you feel Decibel Festival brings to the NW?

C: Oh man, the presence dB brings to Seattle is incalculable.  The amount of artists that come to Seattle alone is staggering, there is so much international talent here for a week.  I think Decibel has put Seattle on the map for people outside of our area too, which is very important.  There are a lot of national and foreign journalists writing about our city and our talent because of the festival.

DD: You’ll be playing at the free dB In The Park showcase, what are you planning to play? Any particular tracks you’re super excited to share?

C: I’m waiting to take in the day out in the park to really map out what I want to play but I would like to keep it lively and uptempo.  I have quite a few secret weapons I’m waiting to bring out – the set is 45 minutes so I feel like I have to really go in right from the start.  It will be a good time, as it is every year.  I’m looking forward to Salva and Comma in the Park.



DD: Last words?

C: Get out to the clubs early and try to catch everything you can, some of the best sets are at the beginning of the night.  Also, stay hydrated!  If you want to make it to day 4 and 5 of the festival, drink lots and lots of water.

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– Jimi Jaxon