DD We meet again Benson! You’ve got a single coming out soon on Bakehaus Records in New Zealand. Is this you’re first original release?

Always good to be back! yes this is my first single! i’ve worked very long and hard on this record, personally i am really happy with it as well. Bakehaus has signed the record which im happy about, The label is half Aussie & Half New Zealand. The two dudes behind the label are “Tom Piper” who a few people may know & the other fellow is Kewi King “Dan Farley” (This guy has about 6 different Facebook accounts, thats how much of a big deal he is!) haha. They are two lovely guys none the less!

DD It’s got a mature feel to it, if you had a visual element to go with this song, what would it look like?

This record is more “Grown up” then my previous tunes, it has a strong melody & very natural sounds…i named it “The Adventure” because the tune feels like it takes you on a journey!. If it had a visual element (which im working on) it would be to the children’s movie series “The Land Before Time”…plenty of adventures had between those crazy dinosaurs! & i think it will work perfectly. :]

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– Jimi Jaxon