DD Hi there, how’s the day going? 

A I’m doing alright, it’s been a busy day and I think I’ve caught a cold so I’m feeling a little rough. Right now I’m in Krakow attending the fantastic Unsound festival for an entire week – it’s been pretty amazing and intense so far!

DD OooO who do you HAVE to see? 

A So far there’s been some really amazing concerts so far, but I’m really looking forward to the weekend with artists like Morphosis, Model 500, Andy Stott, Addison Groove, and Machinedrum!



DD Those are some awesome peeps. I just worked the Decibel Festival show for Machinedrum a little while back, you are in for a treat.

A I saw him play a few months ago already actually, at an outdoor festival, so I’m really curious to experience it in a relatively small venue.



DD “Make My Blood Red” is a favorite of mine on Soundcloud, what first got you interested in producing and what’s your creative process been like, getting to this point? 

A I started producing a little when I was in university, I had a few courses on electronic music, and while I probably had a better grasp on technical stuff back then, I had no clue how to actually structure a song well, and most of my stuff was just experiments. I got more seriously back into producing over the last couple of years when I started DJing more and more, plus I helped start this Polish bass music label called Concrete Cut, which got me even more involved and excited in producing my own tracks. I think my evolution as a producer has been really slow actually because I don’t actually spend a lot of time making tracks, I usually just get a specific idea and sit down and do it. I’m never going to be one of those people with hundreds and thousands of unreleased tracks on my computer! But I’m comfortable with my way of working.

DD What kind of productions are you working on now?

A Right now I’m working on a couple remixes for some different labels, and I have some plans for new material that will probably stay in the more jukey rhythms of “Make My Blood Red”. But admittedly I also want to really work on material for Shoju, another project of mine where we do more ambient/post-dubstep/electronica/techno sounding stuff. We hope to release some new stuff by the end of the year. I hope it will blow everyone’s minds, haha.

DD I sure hope it does! Any last words? 

A Thanks for listening and I invite everyone to check out my blog as well – HerBeats.com – all about women in electronic music! Byeeeeee :]

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Take Care –

Jimi Jaxon