DD Another fine Australian electronic producer, Welcome to Disco Droppings Bosstone..Whatcha doin right now? 

B Thanks man! Just coolin, working on this Flyer for my American pals Chowmont and Trigzo

DD Ooo Are they from Australia too?

B Nah, they’re in Charlotte, NC. Seems pretty cool over there… Lots of good producers. I definitely want to fly over to the USA someday.

DD Well if you ever make it to Seattle, I’ll book a show for you! What’s the electronic community like for you in Australia? Benson (Bakehaus Records) is a friend of mine, whose from there as well.

B Sounds great, I’m gonna hold you to that! The community is really good, but quite small down here. Everyone is real supportive and have a lot of love for the music. Scattermusic (who put out my first EP) have been great, helping me meet new people and expanding my horizons. They are from the same area as I am so its cool to party with them. Yeah Benson is cool, seen him play a few times. He’s a friend of a friend.


DD How’s it feel to have the Call Me Up EP out? I REALLY like the Berou remix!

B It’s Great! I’ve been holding on to that EP for a while so its good to finally have people hearing it. I love all the remixes on the EP, I feel as though I’ve been shown up a bit! All the remixers on the EP are friends, so it’s really cool to help push and promote their music too.

DD I’m enjoying the slow, underwater feel of your Drake bootleg. What artists outside of your production style get you hyped?

B Thanks man. Alot of jersey club has been doing it for me lately. People like Just Dre and DJ Sliink are making some real nice stuff for the clubs, I’m actually working on some Jersey stuff at the moment which is really fun. I listen to alot of R&B too; D’angelo, Jhene Aiko, The Weeknd.


DD GRLLL you did a remix of “Say My Name”?! That is my jam. Is this your favorite Destiny’s Child song?

B Yeah! I love early 00’s and 90’s r’n’b’, so that was something I was wanting to remix for a while. I couldn’t tell you my favorite Destiny’s Child song, but it’s definitely one of the more memorable ones.


DD Has any one event or time period made you strive towards becoming a more fine-tuned artist? 

B Not really a place or time, but people have definitely have helped push me to be better. I’ve got a lot of support from friends/producers/dj’s and that helps me in becoming the artist I want to be!

DD What do you have planned for the remainder of 2011 going into 2012? 

B There’s so much! Remixes for Meati and River Gbeh that will be coming out soon, a couple of mixes, a jersey club project that I’m working on with the homie baixo and a new EP from me coming out on paradisiaca!

DD Best of luck with all that! Please come back to Disco Droppings when you have new productions to share. Any last words?

B Cheers man! Oh I will for sure!! Just want to say thank you to everyone supporting, can’t wait to share all the new stuff I’m working on. TYBG

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– Jimi Jaxon