DD Hello! What are you doing right now? 

C Not too much, just sitting in this haunted basement I’ve been living in for the past year, eatin’ sunflower seeds and listening to some H-Town.  I’ve been super into this shit lately.


DD How did you hook up with the Droppings Gems label? 

C Well I was in class at Evergreen with founding member John Kammerle aka Rapclass in 2008.  It was like a music technology summer class and we were both making these little hip hop jams which I think we bonded over.  One day after class we were walking together and he handed me this business card that just said Dropping Gems on it with he and Gumar’s names and contact info.  That was it… no other explanation. I was like “ok my dude, thanks” and for some reason I held on to the card because I thought it was funny.  I actually still have it, it’s hella stained and gross now but here’s a picture anyway.



I guess at that point Dropping Gems was just a website they had made to post interviews and music they liked, stuff like that.  Then about a year later my friend Jesse sent a bunch of us this really amazing and beautiful material he had been working on under the name of Bone Rock.  It ended up being the first release from dropping gems as an actual label.  You can actually still purchase a physical cd of it, apparently there’s a few copies left:


But yeah, I guess that was the point when Aaron Meola came in as an organizing element and asked me if I wanted to be part of the collective, which i was extremely excited about.  I had no idea at the time that it would turn into something anybody paid attention to. I just viewed it as a fun, simple outlet for a group of friends who made music.




– Jimi Jaxon