Pick up the 5-track, booty bouncin’ release from DJ Dodger Stadium, a collaboration between Body High label heads Samo Sound Boy & Jerome Potter on Beatport 

Get more Body High over at Juno, their second release, an EP from DJ Funeral is OUT.

2 impressive releases guys, hustle that shit! Now onto an interview..

DD What is the most challenging thing about running a label so far?

BH Most challenging thing right now is probably just the money. relatively, I guess It’s not that much but we just pay all expenses out of pocket from what we both make DJing. Still, a lot of our friends help out doing different things for the label. That’s really wassup. It’s a family affair.

DD In your minds, what’s been a significant achievement for Body High in 2011?

BH Just starting.. opening up shop. We’ve already put out two releases from our crew that we’re 100% behind and that’s the whole point… we’re gonna just keep doing that.


DD What would you like to be known for?

BH Consistently releasing exciting club music for a really long time…Helping push things forward.

DD What helps you relax?

BH Driving around LA at night getting high and listening to 94.7 the WAVE (combined).  

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Take Care 

– Jimi Jaxon