Found this guy through III Cosby’s Soundcloud. I love Acid, this guys got it! Arctic’s offered this free track for you..


DD What’s going on in Arctic’s world right now?

A Currently coming out of one of THE worst hangovers I have ever experienced! Other then that, working a day job and spending all my evenings on production really. Amongst studio time, I have been dj’n here and there and have also started organising the next international booking for a grime night I run here with some friends.

DD I’ve been connecting with III Cosby, head of Car Crash Set lately. We both live in Seattle. What do you enjoy most about your affiliation with the label? What can you say about your forthcoming “Green Lagoon” and “Ollie North” releases?

A That’s awesome, Cosby really helped launch me as producer, I have the upmost respect for that guy! I guess having the opportunity to be apart of Car Crash amongst so many other producers who influence me is one of the main things I appreciate. The acid sound I tend to make lately really got noticed because of Cos, in particular the ‘Atomicity’ release earlier this year. 


Green Lagoon and Ollie North are some tunes I wrote at the start of the year which I kept exclusive to a very close crew of dj’s and producers. I’ve still yet to properly finish them, but figured the tunes are definitely suited towards Car Crash. ‘Ollie North’ in particular gained some attention through Cosby’s radio show, so I guess it only seemed appropriate to have another release through him.

DD This track “A LITTLE BIT RUDE” is dope! Got that attitude. Any plans for an official release?

A Nice one! It’s definitely one of my most popular tunes and so I’d love to see it released at some point next year. Just got to find the right label for it really!


DD How do you perform live? Do you bring in music from other artists or solely showcase your own productions?

A Most of my sets usually consist of my friends stuff back in the UK and other artists who influence me and my music. I’d say I play more of other peoples tunes then my own, usually starting with some garage, taking it through into the 130bpm world, followed by some acid and then ending with a heap of grime intro’s and vocal tracks. I’ve been a supporter of grime for years and definitely known as a grime DJ here in Australia!

DD If you had a visual element to go along with your songs, what would it look like?

A I’ve always pictured some dope visuals for my tune, ‘Stop Motion’. I could imagine black silhouettes in a synchronized dance to the beat, with beams of colour shooting from the arms and legs. Like a proper trippy dance in a dark box room or something. Makes sense in my head anyways lol.


DD Favorite Acid house song?

A Very hard question! I guess some of the early Prodigy stuff for sure, tunes like Poison. I wouldn’t say they are an influence or anything in my music, but growing up listening to those dudes and hearing their influence amongst many of today’s artists is pretty cool. Loving all the recent sounds by Funkineven, Boddika, etc too…definitely a big influence in my tunes at the moment. Swims is without doubt one of my favourite tunes of the year.


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– Jimi Jaxon