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DD What visuals came out in your head while writing the “Collapse” EP?

KS I wrote most of the “Collapse” EP over this past summer so I think visually I was simply being influenced by what I was seeing around me, Seattle in the summertime. A lot of greens, golds, and clear summer skies come to mind.

DD If you could create your own live environment for the style of music you produce now, what would it look like? Think of that ideal environment where the audience can best take in what your putting out?

KS I think an audience would best take in my music within a sit-down atmosphere in a venue with a proper sound system with a lot of low end. Also, if my music was accompanied by visuals I think it would make the experience all the better. Visuals on multiple walls surrounding the audience would be crazy cool also.

DD What is the most challenging aspect of being an artist in this time period?

KS I think the most challenging aspect is finding your own unique voice in a very crowded scene. It’s very easy to make your own music today and even easier to share music with the entire world. Therefore I feel like I continually have to ask myself “how am I going to be heard amongst all this other music and how am I going to make sure that people actually remember my music?”


DD What is the most rewarding aspect of being an artist in this time period?

KS I think the most rewarding aspect is related to the most challenging in a sense haha. Since it is so easy to share your music with the world now, it is just as easy for people to let you know how you feel about that music and also to share it with their friends. The most rewarding aspect of making music to me is knowing that someone related to my music in some way and the internet allows for these sort of artist-listener interactions to happen very easily.

DD Was there a certain realization or moment that sparked the transfer to your current productions?

KS My sound gradually moved away from dubstep just as I became less and less interested in what was becoming popular in the dubstep scene. I had always wanted to try making music on the deeper side of things though since I’ve been a fan of Burial for quite some time.

DD If you could interview Burial and J. Dilla what would you ask?

KS Oooo that’s a good question. I think I would ask them both the same question, “Why do you make music?”



DD Last words?

KS If you think I’d be interested in your music, send me some tunes! My email is and I will listen to everything you send!

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– Jimi Jaxon