Thumbs up to Car Crash Set, found this guy in their “following” section. If you like what you hear, head over to Kid Kanevil’s Bandcamp to snag some full releases. Interview below!


DD I could listen to this track “808BoOoOoOmFiyaNight” every day! I like that bass coming in at :24. Gotta snag this for an upcoming DJ set..

KK Oh cool, arigato. I made that on the train.

DD What does your artist name mean to you?

KK I used to use the name as a kid for the characters I would draw, it just stuck. I kinda wished I’d picked something cooler now, haha. I used to draw all the time. I keep meaning to start drawing again. But yeah, the name has no meaning beyond that to be honest, just a word I made up as a kid.


DD “Nuff stickers” reminds of the strange/awesome feelings that come up when I listen to Mr. Oizo. How did this song come together?

KK Oh wow, thank you, Oizo is nuts. That was done at Red Bull Music Academy with the Russian beatmaker DZA. We just had a quick jam and that was it, took about 10 minutes. DZA’s crazy, in a good way.


DD These tracks with the weird moods are connecting with me. “Mekaviolinist” is refreshing. What non-music influences do you take from for this different kind of perspective?

KK Well, Mekaviolinst is part of my Raymond Scott tribute beat tape, so that’s very much a musical inspiration. In general though inspiration is everywhere and anywhere. Everything is inspiring. I love cinema, I find a lot of inspiration in film, particularly Japanese cinema. I don’t know. I always feel inspired, keeping up with it is the tricky part.


DD “Reflip Talk” is a sexy little jingle..would your ideal romantic relationship have a similar feel to this?

KK Aaaaaaaahahahahahahahahaha, not really, that was just a beat I made from an R Kelly song for a laugh.

DD Best show you’ve played this year?

KK Oh man, I don’t know, there’s been so many amazing ones in so many different ways, it’s been blessed. Sonar was pretty special, just to play there, though I think my set could have been better. But then I always think that.

DD Artistic plans going into 2012?

KK I’m just finishing off an EP with Foreign Beggars, but my main project for next year is a collaboration album with Japanese producer Daisuke Tanabe. That one is gonna be super special.

DD What helps you relax most?

KK Miso Soup. It looks like the cosmos up close.

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– Jimi Jaxon