Thanks once again to III Cosby, head of Car Crash Set for sharing this producer with me. Artek has a show on Sub.FM with G. Davies on Monday’s 10am-noon west coast time. Open your eyes..


DD Your songs connect with me very effortlessly. You seem very in tune with your emotions.

ATK I Like to bring emotion into a beat but that’s what a lot of music nowadays is like. It’s just hitting those heart strings ennit.

DD Recently G. Davies stopped by Disco Droppings. We talked a bit about his Sub.FM show with you. Which artists are you especially hyped on sharing with your Sub.FM show?

ATK One artist we’ve been playing beats from all year is Hoodmode. Expecting a lot from him next year. Personally I’ve been excited to play beats by a guy called Fabian, he’s doing that perfect garage sound that is surprisingly hard to come by nowadays. Loads of new upcoming artists have been sending us tunes and it’s really good to hear beats by people you wouldn’t have normally come across. If our plans succeed our regular artists on the show will be coming to a vinyl near you.

DD I really like this low bass that comes in for the last part of “Out Of Touch”. This is forthcoming on B.YRSLF, when does it come out?

ATK It should be out early next year just mixing down the final track. Shouts to the B.YRSLF guys they are the best label I’ve dealt with so far and their roster is amazing. Hopefully ill do more for them next year. Very understanding guys as well!! 


DD Your “Holdin'” single on Car Crash Set is fantastic. I like those synths in the beginning, reminds me of the 80’s. Also like those little vocoded vocals jumpin around. I like the space artwork for this release along with VRTraining. Is this a constant influence for your work?

ATK Yea I’m a big fan of the whole synth wave and italo sound, doesn’t come across in my music much but I hint at it a lot. I like that epic spacey vibe.


DD What’s been the best moment for you as an artist in 2011?

ATK I think it would be getting the sub fm show. Used to listen to the station a lot back in my school days feels good to be a part of it now. 

DD Do you feel different personalities coming out when your in Artek artistic mode, compared to your day to day life? What traits of yours do you enjoy amplifying with your music?

ATK My weirdness comes out. But all my tunes I bring out like that usually stay on my hard drive, don’t think anyones ready for them just yet lol. I’m a pretty normal guy though really.

DD Who would you say are the most fearless and innovative producers right now?

ATK Geiom, but he has kept it real since day one. TWOINCHPUNCH and Beaumont are onto winning sounds. Brey has always been keeping it real but he’s a rare guy nowadays. 

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– Jimi Jaxon