Join us tomorrow night from 6-10, I’ll be supplying the music for this rad gallery opening. Along with 13 FNGERS, pieces will be featured from Solace, Dear Earthling and Ricardo Ramirez. Here is the Facebook event Below is my interview with 13 FNGRS. Oh and p.s…there’s free beer and wine ya’ll 

DD Welcome to Disco Droppings! Please introduce yourself, with a quick description of what you do. 

13FNGRS I’m seattle based artist 13fngrs, I paint things… and lots of other stuff.

DD How does music intertwine with your pieces? What artists help you get in the zone lately? 

13 FNGRS When I’m creating the concept of a piece, or collection, whatever I am listening to at that time plays a huge part on the story I tell. Music always sets the tone. I was really listening to The Knux (eraser album) and Archers of Loaf (Icky Mettle album) When I came up with the work for Thursday’s “It Loves Me, It Loves Me Not” show. But lately I’ve been listening to He is Legend, Fever Ray, and Portugal. the man.


DD How would you describe the showcase at True Love Art Gallery tomorrow?

13 FNGRS Nuts! I’m showing for the first time  in 3 years (out side of my own space), the group of artist for this show is crazy talented, and I’ll be showing a newer style that’s pretty fun to look at, also, lots of Axes!

– Jimi Jaxon