Prior to this show, I was not that into horses. They were just, alright. My mind has been changed! 

Cavalia is a traveling production that features a live band, vocalists, dancers, acrobats and dozens of horses. All these elements combine to represent the symbiotic relationship between horse and man. Their last performance in Redmond, Wa will be this Sunday 3/4 – TIX available here 

I had the opportunity to see the show and spend time with two of the band members. Here is my interview with them. Pictures provided by Julia McJunkin. 

DD Hello Jonathan and Phil, happy to have you on Disco Droppings. What is your role in the Cavalia show?

J As the drummer my role is to flawlessly follow the 200 audio/visual music cues. I am constantly watching the show from the booth. Similar to a play, it’s a little different every time.

P As the bass player I pay close attention to drums. Being tight with the drummer creates a a solid foundation for the rest of the band.

DD Where was your first Cavalia show?

J Charlotte, North Carolina. I auditioned in Montreal in May, 2010, so I’ve been with Cavalia for almost 2 years.

P Burbank, California. I’ve been with Cavalia for a year.

DD For people that have seen the show, the band is not always visible, however, you guys are responsible for all the music you hear. Was it difficult at first to play in a sound booth, detached from the audience?

J At first it was difficult. We asked for microphones outside the booth so we could hear the audience, which helped. Sometimes the audience will clap longer or shorter from show to show, so it’s important for us to hear their reactions.

DD How would you describe the music styles heard by the band?

J A mixture of ambient, classical, pop and folk music.

DD Were you guys interested in horses before the show? Have you gained a deeper understanding of these animals through these performances?

J I wasn’t that interested at first. After joining Cavalia, friends would bring me to the stables, which was kind of scary, because they are such powerful animals. I got to know them better and rode a horse for the first time.

P I grew up on a farm with animals. It was an easy transition to work with the horses.

DD How do you hope to build on the experience you’ve gained from this show? What have you learned?

J This opens up a whole world of circus shows to join. The experience also translates to work in studios, tv productions and movies. We are freelance musicians with education in latin, pop, classical etc. This has given me a new level of confidence. You learn how to follow others and be aware of your surroundings, it’s not like being in a typical band. I feel more mature as a musician.

P It is a great way into the touring world. There is a lot to be aware of, and our work is based on following everything that happens onstage.

– Jimi Jaxon