Whatsup! I’m all about Douster today on Disco Droppings. Hop over to Beatport and listen through Douster’s Triassic EP, released in January of this year on Waxploitation Artists. Jeffree’s Volume One also features this producer, with tracks “Pop That Bubble” and “Boom Shaka Laka”. He also has a diverse label called Bebup, look through their Tumblr for information on releases and such. Fresh interview with this talented man below..

DD Hello Douster! What are you doin’ right now?

DOU I’m just about to eat a mad homemade BLT and avocado sandwich, bacon is cooking right now, it’s gonna be a good one. I love to make and eat sandwiches.

DD I absolutely love the energy of your “I Want Your Blood” remix for Seattle’s Mad Rad. I included it in my set at Paradiso Festival over here in Washington last weekend. Did you meet Mad Rad through coming over here to play? Seattle is my home city! 

DOU I met Darwin for the first time in 2008 on a tour with the ZZK guys from Argentina, Since then I try to catch them every time I’m in Seattle. Last time I went there we thought about doing that rmx ep and I worked on it back home.


DD The upcoming release on your label Bebup from Nau.lot is being described as “cinematic dub-techno”, sounds fascinating. I listened through his Podcast #4 on the label’s Mixcloud and enjoyed the gritty feel. Is this a peek into the mood of Nau.lot’s new tracks? 

DOU His tracks have that deep stomping techno vibe but the whole textures of his sound make the tracks very cinematic. Most of them remind me of that Moby Dick book..like you’re fighting aginst a gigantic deep sea creature in the middle of a storm. It’s the perfect soundtrack for a post apocalyptic movie.

DD You see certain colors when you hear music. I wish I had that! Have you thought about taking the colors you see in your tracks for a release, and making artwork out of it? Letting us see what you see in a way..

DOU Ahah definitely not but still, my Triassic EP was kinda that way. I was thinking about prehistoric age and the 4 tracks were really into that mood..well, it wasn’t colors, but dinosaurs.

DD In all your travels, which crowds are the most open-minded? Whose down for whatever? 

DOU Drunk crowds are down for whatever, maybe that’s why I like the Belgium crowd a lot.


DD I’m very interested in this new EP you’re finishing up. I like those genres you’re going to mess with like french filter house and garage. Are there some specific songs you could mention where you’ve thought, “I’d like to do something with this kind of groove”?

DOU When it comes to filtered house, I’m definitly into the Thomas Bangalter style, “Spinal Scratch”, the whole Roulé catalogue actually. Then I love the soulfull MK vibe, The cut up garage of Todd Terry,  or even late 90’s uk speed garage (BIG FUCKIN TUNE RIGHT THERE). I think I just love the shuffle percussion that comes with all those styles of house, everything doesn’t have to be that straight!




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– Jimi Jaxon