No stranger to Disco Droppings, Kid Smpl is back once again. Download “Escape Pod” for free via XLR8R. You’ll have to wait until August 7th to pick up the full release (Hush Hush Records), but to hold you over I’ve talked with Kid Smpl about these new tunes and such.

DD First things first, I’m very happy you got accepted into the Red Bull Music Academy. The competition was especially fierce this year.

KS Ya I’m still in a bit of shock! Really excited for it, I think it’ll be a great experience.

DD How do you hope to be challenged by the program?

KS I’ve heard that it’s a non-stop and extremely focused experience, so I’m hoping that it challenges me to push my production to the next level, as well as make a lot of great connections.


DD Exciting stuff! Now, our friend Alex Ruder, contacted me about his label’s first release. Hush Hush Records begins with your “Escape Pod” EP. Is this the first time you’ve been asked to create a label’s starting release?

KS Yes, and I was pretty excited to do it. It’s one of my favorite releases, of the one’s I’ve done. The full length album that follows this release is probably my favorite project.

DD I’ve enjoyed this EP more and more with each listen, Especially “Pulse” and that remix by D33J. Alex describes the label as having a “multi-genre aesthetic, elaborating on the world of headphones, late-night travels, intimate encounters and contemplative rides on public transportation.” Do you appreciate these kinds of musical descriptions as opposed to genres?

KS Ya, I do appreciate the descriptions as they’re often not as limiting as genres can be. That particular description is often labeled “Night Bus” now, which is something I’m completely comfortable with, and that Hush Hush also embraces. I like it because the term isn’t necessarily the name of a genre but more of a vibe.

DD Mmm, I think it’s fitting and like you said, not as limiting as genres can be. Last question, your playing at Standard next month (The Baltic Room, 8/10). Have you thought about your set?

KS Ya I’ve thought about my set a bit. I think I’m gonna play some remixes of my own tunes that I’ve been getting in for this “Escape Pod” remix EP. Also, probably some ballroom, jersey club, and a bit of grime. That’s really the dance music that I’m feeling right now.

DD Can’t wait to hear it all, cheers dude!


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– Jimi Jaxon