Let’s get grimey..

DD Well dude, hello! It’s been a little over 2 years since we first talked on Disco Droppings. Crazy huh?

TS Yea man, good to speak to you again. Time fly’s.

DD This “100% Tricky Strutt Production Mix” is really rad. Had it on at work a bunch, keeping’ me hyped. So as the title suggests, this is all your own productions. Anything you’d like to share about this collection of tracks?

TS Literally the tracks are just a bunch that have been sitting on my hard drive for a while, the direction hasn’t really changed. I think there’s a few in that mix that are at least 2 maybe 3 years old, the second track and second to last are the only ones that are “current” shall we say and to be honest. I’d forgotten I’d made half of them. The mix was purely for DSL on Nasty FM. I wasn’t really ready to send out any tracks at the time but I thought if I put them into a mix context it would show that I’m still about really, as I’m so quiet on the tune front.

I purposely left out quite a few tracks, mainly all the ones one of my friends told me to put in haha, and hopefully all the tracks show a different vibe or style at 140 bpm. Pretty much my take on grime which we spoke about two years ago as my main love. I’m still spending stupid money on tracks I had on repeat 10 years ago. I brought roundabout another 40 vinyl last week. It’s great that it’s coming back into the limelight a bit.

DD Since it’s been a while, what’s a current day in the life of Tricky Strutt entail?

TS A current day for me..I “manage” a small business, which drives me up the wall, but it has it’s advantages. Building a studio a few minutes away, being the only one that springs to mind atm. Trawling the internet looking for equipment when I get a chance, and of course record hunting.

DD Where do you wanna’ take things next?

TS Artist wise, I’ve dropped a few tunes in other fields under different alias’s since we last spoke. There’s other stuff in the pipeline, but I won’t really go into it too much. Lets just say it’s at a polar opposite to this kind of stuff.

Other than that I’m just making tracks and stacking them up as usual. I think I’ve got a good few hours of unheard stuff spread across three hard drives and two computers. It’s now a case of getting everything mixed down haha.

Good speaking to you again!

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– Jimi Jaxon