It’s time to feature Dreams, of the 6bit collective. His productions are warm and soooo smooth, it’s a pleasure to have him on Disco Droppings. We talk about his releases, being included on Rustie’s Essential Mix and such. I suggest you pick up the Flyte EP and Generation Y Not compilation, where Dreams has contributed some music.


DD Hi Dreams. What are you up to right now?

DR Getting packed and ready to take a road trip to San Francisco, I’m playing a gig up there with Wu Lyf on Tuesday. Also watching youtube vids of forest raves.

DD Your track “Bloodsport”, from the Flyte Ep was featured in Rustie’s magnificent essential mix. Is this the first time you’ve interacted with the producer? Your styles compliment each other so well.

DR Yes. And a great first interaction it is! I’d love to remix a Rustie song or collab on something in the future.


DD You’re featured on the Generation Y Not compilation, which was just released on 4.3.12 through Jaxart Records, Absent Fever and Portals. How would you describe this release and the artists represented?

DR Well, it’s essentially a showcase of young LA artists who all happen to somehow know each other through music. Some of us are producers and the others are bands, so it ranges in genres, but they’re all talented dudes. Wondr, Eliot, and Caves are all part of the same collective I’m in, 6bit.¬†

DD What emotional themes run through your music? It has a very warm, nostalgic feel to me.

DR It really depends on the mood I’m in. I generally like making more upbeat, energy filled tunes, and you can expect to see a bit of a step in a new direction this year.

DD At this time in music, age has no say in an artist being able to present a strong vision and establish themselves. The Weeknd has just turned 22, Skrillex is 24 and James Blake is 23. You are 20 and off to a terrific start. Who encouraged you to chase after your dreams at a young age?

DR No one specifically, besides myself. However all these young artists like the ones you mentioned¬†are proper motivation to keep pursuing what I love. I’m grateful everything has gone so well in just the first year and a half of producing, and i have so much respect for artists who have been around for years…it’s definitely a grind. All I can say is I’m very excited for the rest of this year and the chance to drop some new music.


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– Jimi Jaxon