Promo Package Vol. 01 (Massive Free Download!)

Hey all, welcome to our huge Promo Free Download Pack Vol. 01.

This package contains 3 mixes, 11 free download tracks, tons of great T-Shirt prints and wallpapers and some more info on MTP Rec.



This is a sort of a showcase mix of exclusively Multipraktik Recordings artists, selected and mixed by one of the Berlin/London’s finest underground producers and DJ’s – Tommi Bass.

About the mix:
Tommi first takes us through a deep, technical mash-up stroll of his Multipraktik releases including the outstanding techno tracks (favourites in Multipraktik crew) “Dobermann” (Woof…Woof EP), the dance-floor crushing “DJ Tool 01” (Shoneberg Kebab Techno EP and the deep percussive synth madness of “Multipraktik – Liars (Tommi Bass Remix) (Liars EP). At a perfect timing, Hubert Flow’s tough electro/house track “Bla Bla” (from The Trip To The Black Hole album) takes control with powerful, ominous synths and vocals to be blended with 2 freakout Raijin Gaijin’s crazy dub fusion monsters – “Praktik Time” and “Be Beat”. The skill of Tommi Bass’s experience as a multigenre DJ boils at this point as he spins out a pure driving force of Clode’s “Black Water” into 2 Miguel Bastida perfectionist free-styled minimalist tracks “Popofaina” and “Sintetizator”. The mix is ideologically perfectly finished with Himan’s “Heavyweight Berlin”.

01 Intro (Mr.Tommi Bass)
02 Tommi Bass & B.B.S.C – Dobermann
03 Tommi Bass & B.B.S.C – Uncertain Smile
04 Tommi Bass & B.B.S.C – Liars Remix
05 Tommi Bass & B.B.S.C – Kebab Techno Tool 01
06 Hubert Flow – Bla Bla
07 Raijin Gaijin – Praktik Time
08 Raijin Gaijin – Be Beat
09 Clode – Black Water
10 Miguel Bastida – Popofaina
11 Miguel Bastida – Sintetizator
12 Himan – Heavyweight Berlin


About the mix:
If you say you understand Ali Disco B that means you don’t understand Ali Disco B. Multipraktik Recordings is really proud to present this monstrous one hour long mash-up of recent music history through the eyes, ears and brain of the endlessly talented producer/DJ Ali Disco B. If we would try to describe this mix in detail, it would take us a small printed 100 page long manual along with photos and instructions. Even the tracklist doesn’t include all the material used in the mix.

42 songs ranging from Ali Disco B originals, cult club songs, classic rock monsters to some surprising samples mixed, blended and destroyed in the finest, top notch spirit of the mash-up age. A true gem full of humorous and memorable moments.

Since there is no way we can write about the whole mix, we advise you to simply read the massive tracklist, start jumping and enjoy the mix.

You should also check out Ali Disco B’s more tougher sounding side-project TERs and their killer EP “Rathbone-Maybe Notch”, released on Multipraktik Recordings in June.

01 Ali Disco B – Intro
02 The Prodigy – Breathe
03 Wolfang Garner – Flashback
04 Ali Disco B – Guitars From Heaven
05 Billy Idol – Rebel Yell
06 Calvin Harris – Merrymaking At My Place (Mr Oizo Remix)
07 The Kills – The Good One
08 Ali Disco B – Moogs
09 Afrika Bambaataa – …
10 Alter Ego – Rocker
11 Gwen Stefani – Hollaback Girl
12 Calvetron – Crash
13 Armand Van Helden – The Funk Phenomena
14 Dire Straits – Money For Nothing
15 Daft Punk – Robot Rock (Drum Tools)
16 Daft Punk – Technologic (Drum Tools)
17 Lerry Tee – Hipster Girl
18 Gui Boratto & Dalanese – Beautiful Song
19 666 – Bomba
20 Guns n’ Roses – Sweet Child O’ Mine
21 Fatboy Slim – Put Your Hands Up In The Air
22 Aquasky – Have A Good Time (Feat Acafool)
23 The Bloody Beetroots & Steve Aoki – Warp 1.9
24 Backdraft – Headcharge
25 Joujouka – Boxrocker
26 Led Zeppelin – When The Levee Breaks
27 Turbo Trio – Balança (Acaepella)
28 Gui Boratto & Dalanese & Carlo Dallanese – Bealtiful Song
29 AC/DC – Back In Black
30 Beastie Boys – Shake Your Rump
31 Ali Disco B – Guitar Solo
32 Edu K – Gatas Gatas Gatas
33 Kyle Watson – Right Now
34 Daft Punk – Teachers
35 Justice – Waters of Nazareth
36 Laidback Luke And A-Trak – Shake It Down
37 Raimundos – Eu Quero Ver O Oco
38 Metallica – Master Of Puppets
39 Daft Punk – Drum DJ Tool
40 Soulwax – The Soulwaxz Fight
41 Justice – One Minute To Midnight
42 Zombie Nation – Mystery Meat Affair


Francis Corben drives you through a pleasant series of progressive house/techno melodic tracks with this fine promo mix for Multipraktik Recordings. Slick tunes, open space attitude and an emotional selection make this mix a must have for anyone who liked the classic Steve Angello “Isabel” track.

Corben is here establishing his smooth and soft style that will be heard on his first beautiful progressive house MTP release – “Clouds” EP. Read, see and listen more about Francis Corben here.

01 Isabel – Steve Angello
02 Civilisation – Dinka
03 Klin – Dusty Kid
04 Melo – Pryda
05 Professional Killers – Jerome Isma-ae & Daniel Portman Remix
06 Blender – Dousk
07 Contact – Glenn Morrison
08 Sunglasses at Night – Popof Remix
09 Procast – Robert Babicz

Download 3 Mixes!


Here we present you a pack of 11 free download tracks from our artists as well as several Multipraktik early out-takes and experiments. It spans all genres, from DJ benjamin B’s smooth pure house music over Lilith’s and Tommi Bass minimalism to Multipraktik early obscure experiments. Enjoy!

Free Tracks:
DJ Benjamin B – Escaladas Del Piano (Original Mix)
DJ Benjamin B – Love In The Music (Original Mix)
Francis Corben – First Ray Of Sun (Original Mix)
Hubert Flow – When I Play (Original Mix)
Lilith – The Wanted (Original Mix)
Multipraktik – Multipraktika (Original Mix)
Multipraktik – One Happy Man (Original Mix)
Multipraktik – Quit Your Job (Original Mix)
Multipraktik – Shaggy Mane Mushroom Patch (Original Mix)
Nash Donson – Dirty Girls (Original Mix)
Tommi Bass & B.B.S.C. – Delete It (Original Mix)

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The artwork represented in Serbian label, Multipraktik Recordings is visually stunning. Combining this element with forward thinking electronic music, MTP is determined to show what can be done in today’s music world.