So, i had my first music interview today!

A real character for sure 🙂

Here it is, in it’s entirety.


So I put a few questions together, hopefully this will be somewhat interesting for you (I’m new at interviewing thing). The first ‘experimental animal’ of mine is Love-Markov, Russia’s Unsigned #1.

How are you?

Me? Cheeky, smart and sexy 🙂

What kind of equipment / programs do you work with when creating your music?

First of all I ain’t a so-called creator, just a kinda heavenly mouthpiece. Second I don’t interest in music but in human fucking life expressed with help of more or less appropriate sounds and the finest spoken word. Third I know nthn ‘bout software and equipment. Mine is the instrument! My friends from all over the world are instruments as well. I get a general idea and lyrics while they produce what they want. Well there weren’t many cases when deez schemes of such an ‘autonomous’ collab didn’t give an outfit.

Currently, who are some of your favorite artists?

I’m fond of garage pop by RXMD from Seattle, urban anthems by Austin! White from Chicago and Michigan’s Mike Posner. Angeleno rapper Non From Shadowhuntaz rawks fasho! And there are nice 18-y.o. guys Anton Vasilyev and Vitya Bezhenar known as Music Trash Brothers here in Kiev. Btw I tend to fav unsigned artists only.

Have you ever played in the U.S.? If so, how does it differ from the Russian dance scene?

I’ve never been stateside and avoid such terms as ‘dance scene’. Well I believe Russian and Ukrainian dance music ain’t original, coz it has no ideas which weren’t imported from abroad. Oh yes, I’m gonna live in California by the way… jus for a couple of years next decade. Umm, last summer Colin Manning, myspace friend of mine suggested me to perform at Cinespace lounge, North Hollywood, LA.

What is the best concert you have attended so far?

I attend no concerts actually. Coz every public performance whether a live gig or some deejay set is compromise to customers who want jus drink and dance as sexy as their grandmas. They have no need in your personal story. Well I really ain’t the dude of compromises. Jus out of industry.

Any upcoming projects that you are really excited about?

Yup I’m gonna issue an imaginary 8bit videogame OST up to winter. Twould be kind of electro swing.

What would you say to any aspiring producers and artists?

Yeah, mates, listen up! Keep doing your things on and on… yet don’t be hostages of music.