World renowned DJ, Chloe Harris has opened for the Crystal Method, and toured with DJ’s Sasha and John Digweed. She’s Legit. She is also teaching an upcoming workshop at the Old Redmond Firehouse Teen Center starting October 27th! Here is some information on this BOMB little class..

DJ’ing – 101
“The Culture And The Future”
October 27- November 17th

In this class you will learn the basics and get hands on training about DJing on turntables, cd players and new technology like Final Scratch and Ableton Live. Also get a chance to make your own beats. This class will provide a unique opportunity to learn some of the history and culture behind DJing. Whether you are an acclaimed DJ or new to electronic music we will touch on everything you need to known to pursue a brilliant career in DJing and Producing. Only $24 an hour! Instructor: Rock School/ DJ Chloe

Ages: 14 -19
Cost: Redmond Resident $97/ Non Redmond Resident $116

Register through City of Redmond Parks and Recreation department call 425.556-2300

Chloe Harris Biography

Real name / Chlo Harris

Moniker(s) / Raica

Like all the best DJ’s Chloe’s primary interest is sharing great music. This has taken her from working in Seattle record shops as a child to featuring in some of the worlds best record boxes as an adult.

After working in records shops from age 14 she moved to record shop / radio station in 2000 and started her first radio show ‘Further’. This early opportunity to showcase her diverse sound to thousands of international listeners made her hungry for more, so in 2002 she started B-sides’ on Proton Radio with license for a more experimental approach. This has led to prestigious guests such as Ellen Allien, Marco Carola, and Lusine as well as allowing Chloe to explore every inch of her vast record collection.

Her shows must have caught the ear of John Digweed because in 2004 he asked her to showcase on his internationally syndicated Kiss FM Transitions program. As her worldwide profile started to rise Chloe played from LA to Warsaw, San Francisco to Budapest, fitting in her debut at John’s Bedrock 6th Birthday in between. Most of 2005 was spent flitting between Europe and North America with highlights including another Bedrock London gig and the opportunity to play techno at Detroit’s legendary club, The Works.

In 2006 Ministry Of Sound took her on the Baltic Sea Tour headlining clubs in Lithuania, Latvia, and Finland. In the summer John Digweed requested her warm up services for the first transtions tour of the US. As her reputation for trippy deep and groovy warm up sets spread Jimmy Van M had her open his nights from Seattle to Mexico City, the success of which led to another two Mexico trips that year.

In 2007 her profile went up another notch after her production work caught the attention of Dubfire, Hernan Cattaneo, James Zabiela, as well as John Digweed and Jimmy Van M. She remixed Petter, Pole Folder, Sam Ball, as well as releasing her 12″ debut single ‘Skooch’ on Mashtronic Records, featuring a highly acclaimed Oliver Lieb remix. Chloe rounded out the year with the 3rd Transitions Tour and slots at two of the worlds biggest dance festivals, Global Gathering in the UK, and V-Fest in Vancouver, as well as flying back to play in Kosovo, Cyprus, and Lithuania.

In 2008 Chloe hopes to find more ways to share music by starting her own Further record label, and fitting in as much studio time in between doing as many gigs and radio shows as possible.

Selected Discography

Production :

Chloe Harris – Skooch Original & Oliver Lieb Remix [Mashtronic Records] October 2007 Lp/MP3/CDR

Remixes :

Petter – Freak & Love (Chloe Harris & Deeburn Remix) [Deep Focus] June 2007 MP3

C-Bass & Mikobene – Terens (Raica Moves Remix) [Existance] December 2007 MP3

Pole Folder – Crossing Oceans (Chloe Harris & Deeburn Remix) [Restart] December 2007 MP3

Sam Ball – Aperture (Chloe Harris Raica Remix) [Brown Eyed Boyz] January 2008 MP3

Dibby Dougherty – Lights Out (Chloe Harris Raica Remix) [Dyami Records] April 2008

To Be Released :

DJ Kira & James Warren – Taking Control (Chloe Harris Raica Dub) [Portable Magic] March 2008 MP3

Chloe Harris Presents Raica – ‘untitled’ [Further Music] March 2008 Lp/MP3

If the money seems a bit steep think of it this way: taking DJ classes from someone of Chloe’s caliber would easily top 60 dollars per hour. At the OFH you would be paying roughly 24 dollars per hour. Quite the steal.

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