(born Vytis Gruzdys, 1986.08.06)
Lithuanian dj/producer.

I must say these are some of the most interesting/trippy/awe-inspiring songs to reach the Disco Shit blog so far.

– Aout6 has been DJ’ing since 2003 over Lithuania
– Style centers around electro/techno and tech-house
– Runs his very own club night called “Fidget Stars”, featuring artists such as Tom EQ, Urchins and Jak-Z
– Shared the stage with Deadmau5, Larry Tee, Jim Warboy, IGNUG, Princess Julia, Kris Menance, Luomo, Anthon Fielding, DJ Stet Joe & Will Ask? and Urchins

Phantom’s interview with Aout6!

1. your songs/remixes are fucking incredible, the analog synth noises are a very interesting contrast to the rest of the song in “Kavines Himnas”…what are some of your main influences when it comes to your music?

thanks man! I’m not sure what the biggest influence is for me, probably other tracks and good parties, good people and flying cats. Actually, I experiment almost every time I do a track cause it’s more fun that way. I’m not taking this music production thing too seriously, it’s just fun for me. I’ve met a lot of interesting people due to dj’ing and production, that inspires me as well.

2. Who have been some of your favorite artists to work with?

If you mean remixing, then the making of Larry Tee ‘My Penis’ remix was really fun, as I had to hear the word ‘penis’ for one million three hundred seventeen times. It’s always interesting to work with people because everyone has their own style, ideas and point of view.

3. I’ve also featured THE SNEEKERS on this blog, you guys seems to be doing very well over there in Lithuania! What is the scene like there?

The Sneekers rocks! they are my favorite Lithuanian band 100%. We DJ together quite often. If you mean electro/fidget scene then it’s pretty small, there are only a few DJ’s playing that kind of stuff, but we try hard to make every gig explode and show people our music. We promote some events with foreign DJ’s, and do some interesting small local parties. I’ve just started my own little label ‘LeaveLate Records’, check it out on and

4. What kind of equipment do you use for your production?

I can be in wikipedia described as a “bedroom producer”. I use my Macbook, Novation Remote Sl25 MK2 and Ableton Live 8.

5. Any exciting plans/goals for 2010?

The most important thing for me is to work on my ‘LeaveLate Records’, DJ as much as I can and hopefully travel more and meet some crazy reggae bboys eating beef jerky.

Stolen Stylophone (Original Mix).mp3

Stolen Stylophone (The Sneekers Remix, check old DiscoShit posts for their entry!).mp3
Stolen Stylophone (Tom EQ Remix).mp3
Kavines Himnas (Original Mix).mp3
Who’s Shot The Silence (Aout6’s Sweaty Remix).mp3



Larry Tee feat. Perez Hilton – My Penis (aout6 & OldSchool Reunion remix) [ULTRA] 2009
Larry Tee – I Love U (aout6 remix) [ULTRA] 2008


KIA – Weasel Land (aout6 ironiclash remix) [STRIPPED DIGITAL] TBA 2009
Safka – Moonlight (The BountyHunter remix) [GAM RECORDING] TBA 2009
The BountyHunter & Repton – Crop TBA 2009-2010


Popular Damage – Connected (aout6 remix)
Rupert Falsch – Generikum (aout6 remix)
Virus J feat. Jurga – Centre Of The World (aout6 remix)
Mario Basanov & Vidis feat. Jazzu – Who’s Shot The Silence (aout6 remix)
Aout6 feat. Mark Splinter – Project06