“It all began in 1986. It was the year Shook was born. As a young kid, Shook saw a light falling from the sky. It was the same night he stumbled on a pair of mysterious looking sun glasses. Shook wasn’t a big fan of taking worn items he had found in the forest home, but against his principles he picked up the glasses and put them in his pocket. At that moment Shook felt a shiver running through his spine. A strange feeling came over him. He didn’t know what it was, but it felt as if someone – or something – was lurking in the dark, watching him.
The sun glasses remained untouched for years. Several years later when he found them in a dusty corroded metal box in the basement, Shook then made a decision that would change his life for good… He put on the glasses.
All of a sudden he felt a mysterious glow surrounding him, something he never felt before. It was as if he was reborn, only this time with an amazing amount of sheer power. Floating on air, he felt invincible..”

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Chip (Shook Remix).mp3
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Shook – 1986 from Deceptertron on Vimeo.


AMSTEREO – DEC 2008 from Columnbine Film & More. on Vimeo.