My friend Patchwork has put together 3 new songs + a remix, and I am very excited to showcase them on the DISCO SHIT dance-blog. Along with “Somebody Else”, “Memory” and “Little Wave” there is a fantastic remix of M.I.A.’s “Bucky Done Gun”.

1. Your music always carries a very emotional feel, which is refreshing to hear from a male artist…has your music always been this way?

I’ve never really thought too much about the emotional side of my music, I just write and that’s how it forms. From an early age I’ve always been told I’m a sensitive young man, haha.

2. What is the scene like in your part of AUS? Is there a group of other artists in your area that all hang out/play shows together or are you more connected with artists via myspace etc?

Living in Melbourne has been a great opportunity for my music as I am constantly surrounded by masses of culture and art. So I like to try and go to as many gigs and clubs around the city too keep up with the latest tunes. As I produce my songs with almost 100% software, it is very hard to promote my songs in person because I am not part of a band and I simply can’t go down to the ‘local’ (the pub) and perform for people. So having myspace, facebook connectivity with people has definitely made a huge impact on getting my music out there.

3. What do you use for your production?

Like I said before, software takes up most of my productions. I’ve always been a fan of software over hardware as it saves for extra luggage for when you’re on the move. I like the thought of being able to create tunes when and wherever I want to. This year I made the transistion from FL studio to Ableton Live which I think improved my music and quality of sound dramatically.

4. Your a fan of Deadmau5 (as am i!), how has his music influenced you as an artist?

The mau5 is an absolute God! I saw him last year at Good Vibrations (one of our many summer festivals) and was absolutely hooked from that day. I think Joel’s versitility with his productions, ranging from Prog house to Trance to even DnB, has been the most influencial factor towards my music. Also the fact that he has so much energy when he’s performing is just awesome to watch!

5. Your two new songs, “Somebody Else” and “Memory” feature female vocals, how did the two of you get together and decide to make these songs?

Well I originally wrote the songs whilst on clinical placement in a mental ward (as part of my nursing course at uni). For the 2 weeks I was bored out of my mind so I literally wrote around 8-10 songs on paper and they were the 2 that sort of stood out. I’ve been friends with Katie (vocalist) for quite some time through sporting groups and I had just recently noticed a youtube video of her singing for her local church and was just blown away. Recording process was quite nerveracking for me personally, as its the first time I’ve done recording with anyone before, but I’m quite happy with the results.

6. Any specific goals/plans for Patchwork in 2010?

Making my first E.P is number 1 priority right now. After that, I will try and get my sound out to as many labels locally and internationally and see if I can my first minor label. Other than that, just hope to be pumping out as many songs as possible. I feel this will be a big year for me.

Somebody Else.mp3

Little Wave.mp3

I’m ROcky on this new bit,