Disco Bitch (Shook Remix).mp3


1. What is the electronic music scene like in your area of the Netherlands? Is there a group of artists you enjoy surrounding yourself with?

The electronic music scene is pretty lively here in The Netherlands. Specially in Amsterdam. Artists from around here I really enjoy are Grand Jackson, Auxiliary the Masterfader and Roger72 & The Walk.

2. Your songs/remixes create this very lush, other-worldly environment, has getting to your current state been a gradual or speedy process? How did you first start getting into creating your own songs?

Definitely a gradual process. I had all sorts of periods where I made all kinds of music. First I made loads of trippy stuff. Then there was a period where everything was more hard hitting. It’s a gradual flow that keeps changing. I started making music because it aloud me to escape. It was an outlet: you can go where ever you want to.

3. What programs/hardware do you use for your production? live?

For production I use FL Studio 7 and a bunch of synth bargains. For live sets I use Ableton and a midi controller.

4. The live set on your profile (Amstereo, Dec 2008) features music from some of my favorite artists in the dance world….Diplo, Laidback Luke, Sebastian, Santogold etc….who are some artists you are especially loving right now?


5. If you could collaborate with any artist, alive or not, who would it be?

I would have to say Michael Jackson, and I would love to have a jam session with Herbie Hancock.

6. Coming to the U.S. anytime soon?

Unfortunately no gigs planned at the very moment. But hopefully I get booked there soon.

7. What are some big plans for SHOOK in 2010?

The Disco Bitch (Shook remix) will get a release on Blacklabel Records (Amsterdam) any time soon. Early 2010 my first EP will be finished. It will contain a few tracks that were first presented on “The Red Tapes” and a few new ones. I’m also doing a few exciting vocal collaborations which I can’t say too much about yet.


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