1. What were some of your inspirations for this mixtape?

I honestly didn’t put much thought into it ,just recorded while jamming through some great tunes . At the end I liked how it sounded and decided I would pass it around.

2. What is the electronic music scene like in your part of Oakland?

I love the scene in Oakland and the Bay Area in general . The Otherworld, Friends N Family, 5lowershop, Spaz, Knowaudio, Crews and many more throw great parties all the time. Wonderful bass-kickin’ sound systems & light-shows . Lots of parties, lots of great DJ’s and producers.

3. Who are some of your favorite current artists?

Currently I’m really into The Builder and LeBeldgeElectrod, THE Villain, Graintable, Zeno, Murdasloth a.k.a. Beytah, Cheebs, George Lenton, and Rico Predicate just to name a few of the top. There’s lots of good stuff comin’ out lately, lots of tunes that aren’t getting the plays they deserve. I’m gonna’ try to help fix that.

4. What’s in the works for Squid Eye in 2010?

Well , it’s gonna’ be a big year. Look out for releases on Run Riot Records as well as stuff from my new digital label, Beat Leaf Digital. The 1st release is a 2-Trak E.P. entitled “BUTTA WORLD” and can be copied now through, also looking forward to releasing Rico Predicate trax and some other surprises on beat leaf digital.
And here is the tracklist, so you can check out these artists!

1 Squid Eye, Gangsta
2 George Lenton, Sorry
3 B-90, Lost In The Rain Forest
4 Bit Cruncher, Coronel Mass Ejection (Zeno Remix)
5 Murdah Sloth a.k.a. Beytah, Screw Base
6 Stagga and Busta Rhymes, I Got Bass
7 Doorly, Horse Step
8 Bertie Blackman, Birds Of Prey (Marco Del Horno Remix)
9 The Killabits, Drop A Gem On Em
10 Vaski, MURDER(VIP)
11 NOTATION, Orbital Tribute
12 LeBeldgeElectrod, Life Is A Wobble Bass
13 deATH BY DUB, Way I Are (Remix)
14 Jay Robinson, Next Episode (Remix)
15 The Builder, Ender
15 Zombie Disco Squad, Eurovision (Boogaloo Crew Remix)
16 Excision, obvious
17 Flore, We Rewind (Youthman remix)
18 Warrior One, Bad Like Jimmy Cliff
19 Ladyhawke, Paris Is Burning (Future Funk Squad Remix)
20 Beastie Boys, Sabotage (DJ Kue’s OMG Remix)
21 ??? Florence ???
22 Chase And Status, Saxon
23 Fader (Jackwob Remix)
24 Obsession, 3ohtree
25 Genuwine, Pony (Boson Remix)
26 Sidney Samson, Riverside (breakage remix)