Local music from Seattle keeps coming in, things are feeling great. This time I’m featuring Reikow, a DJ/Producer focusing on Electro-House and Dubstep.

Got a track for ya’ll..


Reikow will be performing alongside Static Reactor, Plural.dll and Reikow tomorrow night (3/20) at the Ground Zero Teen Center! Come by and get down.


1. How did you first get introduced to electronic music?

I guess I have listened to electronic music since I was a kid. I used to listen to the electronic/dance/disco channels on TV. I got into Dance Dance Revolution in like 5th grade, so that’s when I got into “Techno”. Now Dubstep runs my life.

2. Your productions are incredibly clear, what program(s) and/or hardware do you use?

I use Ableton 8 for most of my productions. I mess around with Reason and Protools but Ableton seems the most efficient to me. For my bass I like to use Massave from Native Instruments

3. What would you say to someone who is interested in producing electronic music?

Check out Ableton! Go to their website and download the demo. Also consider purchasing a sample pack from Vengeance. They have tons of well mastered drums, cymbals, percussions, and effects, with specific genres in mind. Also, there are tons of tutorials for creating different sounds in Ableton. Look on Youtube or Google.

4. Who are some of your favorite artists? What stands out about them to you?

Wolfgang Gartner, Dem Slackers, Mustard Pimp, Excision, Tipper, Jakes, Stagga, Sukh Knight, Rob Sparxx, Bassnectar, and Cookie Monsta. I can’t say why but I know what I like.

5. Your performing next Saturday at the Ground Zero Teen Center in Bellevue, what can people be looking forward to with your set?

I will be playing an all dubstep set cram packed with pounding basslines and truly massive wobbles. I’m really bringing my best club dubs.

6. Any last words?

This is going to be my first live performance, so wish me luck! Haha, exactly 1 week before my birthday. Awesome


See you at Ground Zero!

DJ Phantom