This crazy animal has been pumping out the DJ mixes! I’m happy to have him on my blog and share his latest projects with all ya’ll.

2 of his favorite DJ sets, please take a listen!


Ripping and Tripping.mp3


1. What influenced the name Laughing Fox?

When I got to the point where I realized DJ’ing wasn’t just going to be a hobby, and would be something that I’d like to you know, maybe get paid for in the future, I, like most budding artists recognized the importance of something listeners could latch onto and remember. I didn’t want to use my real name, it just didn’t have much of a ring to it you know? I thought about using my initials, C.J.D.J. (yeah two middle names is rather odd), but felt that including “DJ” in a name was a little passe`. So I was brainstorming, kicking around different names, but nothing really felt right. Then one day I remembered this Native American simulation I did in like the 4th grade, and my Navajo alter ego I called Laughing Fox. I like the animalistic feel, as I’m very much an “earth spirit” type of person, and the imagery of a fox in mid guffaw sealed the deal. Very conducive to logo work. lol

2. What’s your role with Central Washington’s 88.1FM The Burg?

About two years ago I brought back the Electronica show at my college radio station, “The House Special”, and have been developing that, working with local mixers and producers to get them some time in the spotlight. I think there is a lot of talent in the Seattle area that hasn’t been given an adequate chance to shine, and I feel an almost moral obligation to do what I can to help foster the community. Beyond the show, I’m also the Production Director, so I maintain our digital music library and our automation system, as well as produce all station imaging, commercials, PSAs, and whatever stuff the show hosts want for their programs. Its an awesome job, I have a studio office all to myself, and work with some really sick equipment that allows for alot of freedom in my work. We have a huge library of samples and loops to work with, but also have an EMX-1 synth/sampler/sequencer and a KP3, so the sky is really the limit.

3. How were you first introduced to electronic music?

I think my first exposure to Electronica was probably in the womb, as my parents were always huge fans of 80s pop, as well as the forerunners of modern techno like Depeche Mode. My first “techno” album was, almost laughably, Eiffel 65’s Europop, the one with the Blue song. It was the late 90s, so forgive me. After that, I got into Groove Armada, Daft Punk, Oakenfold, The Chemical Brothers, you know, the classics. The rest is history.

4. Your DJ’ing style feels very swirly and driving, how would you describe your approach to mixing?

I’ve heard from several people about my mixing seeming “swirly”, but I don’t quite know where that comes from. It isn’t something I try for, but I guess its how I “feel” the music. I’ve always had a love for the more psychedelic aspects of life/music, so it probably stems from that. As far as driving, that is most definitely on purpose. For me, whether DJ’ing for a few friends or a party or whatever, I want to get under people’s skin, get into their core, and help them unleash the incredible energy locked inside us all. I think to be a real standout DJ you need to have a presence, a commanding authority with your music, so that people will have no choice but to dance their asses off.

5. What’s in the works for Laughing Fox in 2010?

What’s next, hmm…I kicked off this year with a massive benefit event for some Chimpanzees that live on campus, and the response was really incredible. I’ve had people clamoring for more, so I’m working on putting together more shows like that. Whether they are big legit events like that one, or smaller shows, I don’t know yet. I’m also kicking around some ideas for some renegades, but you’ll have to stay tuned. 😉 Other than shows, I’ll still be doing the radio every Friday night 6-8. I’ve got some great artists lined up for the rest of this season, namely Rob Noble, a tech DJ in Seattle. Probably release a few more mixtapes, maybe some remixes. I’ve also been fortunate enough to be tapped to help with Decibel this year, and potentially Photosynthesis as well. It seems that things are just beginning. 🙂

I’ve got a lot of ideas swimming around upstairs, but sometimes my ambition can overwhelm my resources. Lol

6. Any last words?

Listen to the show! you can stream the show anywhere in the world, and we keep the electronica going all night long. Fridays!!!


DJ Phantom