I was into this guy’s set at Zippy’s Java Lounge in Everett, Washington-He sent over his album entitled “Awful”, and I have a few tracks off that for ya’ll.

Ice Cream Antisocial.mp3



1. You’ve just finished an album, congratulations! Was there a overall theme or mood you were going for with this release?

Thanks! I don’t know if there was really a theme, at least not one I had in mind. 8 of the tracks were made in a relatively short span of time, so I think they just came out being consistent for that reason. The other 2 (the tracks called Claude and Ms. Inose) are older (maybe like half a year old) but I used them because I really felt good about them. So, generally speaking, I was in the same mindset while programming the whole thing. I guess that’s as close to a theme as I got, just hearing a certain thing in my head and trying to tap into that.

2. How were you introduced to electronic music?

I guess electronic music was always around me (crazy synth in Reading Rainbow, car commercial music, NES music, et cetera), but the first time it was really called to my attention as an entity of its own was when I was maybe 11 years old. My cousin had some “techno” CDs and I listened to one song, and it was just kind of dumb stuff. I’d probably dislike it now, too. Cheesy samples and stuff. A little after that, an older guy (well, he was like 15) I really looked up to at my church gave me a CD by Joy Electric, but my mom didn’t like it, so I wasn’t allowed to hear it haha. When it actually became accessible was when I found out about Fighter X, he played shows in my little town and stuff. That’s when I got actually interested.

3. Currently who are some of your favorite artists?

I guess I’ve been really into DODDODO for quite a while. She’s really awesome, and I still haven’t burnt out on her stuff for quite a while. The other electronic stuff I’ve been into the most is Maruosa, Sphyramid, Saskrotch, and Abortifacient. Also Albatrosicks, a really over the top J-pop band. Non electronic stuff I like a lot right now is Cibo Matto, Rin Toshite Shigure, nhhmbase, Ghosts and Vodka, and I guess I just got back into the Smashing Pumpkins haha.

4. What do you love about music?

That’s really tough! It’s not something I have really thought about, I guess. It’s just something I have to do, I guess, because that’s how my brain is wired. Playing music is kind of like problem solving for me, I guess. putting everything together in a form that feels “correct,” even though that’s totally subjective. Then when I’m happy with it, I can share it with other people. It’s a challenge for myself, and it’s both public and private. So, those are things I really like about it.

5. Any last words?

Nothing really comes to mind, I guess. I think I already said too much haha.

DJ Phantom