I’ve never traveled to Australia, but ever since Brain Matters came into my life I’ve become quite the Aussie fan.

Now I have pleasure of introducing an agency representing 10 DJ/Producers, determined to put their mark on Australia, and everywhere else.

Here’s their team of artists.

Adam Bozzetto, Benson, Brain Matters, Chris Fraser, Dave Winnel, Johnny Gleeson, Jono Fernandez, Kraymer, Northie and Sam Scratch!


Trouble Artists Agency is run by Polina Oussova, Anthony Azzopardi, and Richard Gallie.


1. Anthony you along with Richard Gallie and Polina run the Trouble Artists Agency, how did this all come together?

Well I used to work with Jam Music and got my foot in the door being an agent there, I worked with a lot of great artists and after a point it just seemed natural to start up my own thing with Polina and Rich. Rich has been in the music industry for years and Polina’s business and legal background meant that it was a fairly smooth idea to get off the ground. Having such a well run team also gives Rich & I enough time to work closely with our artists and give them time and support they need.

2. I’ve done posts for Brain Matters along with Northie and Benson individually, tell us about some of your other artists..

I’m very excited to say that our roster at the moment has ten amazing DJs/Producers based over Sydney and Melbourne. We do have some international guys approaching us but we’re careful not to expand too quickly. All the guys that we have on board at the moment bring their own unique style and of course I’d recommend all your readers to check them out. At this point the best thing to do would be to head to our website where you can get the links for all the guys music and bios.

3. What are some of your big plans for the rest of 2010?

So far 2010 is off to a big and busy start and it looks like things will only be getting busier from here! We’re really appreciative of the amazing industry support we’ve gotten so far (you know who you are!) and all our Artists are busy doing their thing with remixes being released on singles worldwide, EP releases and already some great Australian chart activity.

2010 will definitely be a huge year and we couldn’t be more excited!

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Here’s to bigger and brighter days for the Trouble Artists Agency,

DJ Phantom