For those of you unaware of Trouble & Bass, this bombarding label consists of AC Slater, The Captian, Starry Eyes and Drop The Lime.

For those of you unaware of Smashcast, it’s this label’s official means of getting you some dense dance tunes. Gracing the T&B podcast this time around is an artist who I have relied on often in DJ sets bring the thunderous dance music. Here’s an example of Calverton’s magic

His latest mix for Smashcast is promoting his latest latest release with Rico Tubbs, Heavy Bass Champions Of The World!

Give it a listen here

Keep it goin’ louder,

DJ Phantom

P.S. If you’re heading to Coachella, keep an eye out for me. Look for some short shorts! And to all those who read this blog, I’ll be bringing back some of my experiences from the 3-Day festival for all ya’ll to enjoy.