Hello all the nu friends who stop by my blog! Came across a fun little electronic group! An intriguing musical salad of hip-hop, rock and electronica, FWW have been keeping people dancing across Michigan-glad to bring them over to Seattle..



1. How were you introduced to electronic music?

First and foremost we have to say that we love all kinds of music!! Last summer we decided to dive head first into the electronic sound. We’ve really been trying to learn the in’s and out’s of this genre because it is very complex. When we started working on “HipTRONica” (our lastest electronic-hiphop project) we began to listen to more types of electronica; dubstep, minimal, new disco, and techno. Some artists and DJs we enjoy would include: Daft Punk, Justice, Boy Noize, & A-Trak just to name a few. We anticipated the scene as one misunderstood and frequently judged. We didn’t want to be like many other artists who jump into a genre as a cliché. Its kind of like starting a hobby, say like photography. You may always like looking at pictures, but once u realize you have a knack for being behind the camera and the elements it consists of, it’s a whole different ball game. You fall in love with the art and craft..find new meaning to it. We’ve found a new element with our artistry in electronic music.

2. How has your music creation process developed over time?

Wow, it’s gone from recording with less than adequate computer mics, scavenging for free instrumentals online and sending back and forth material over a dial up connection TO recording in a professional studio, having exclusive beats made for us (and by us) and now we have a better internet connection hahaha :]

3. Currently, who are some of your favorite artists?

Oh where to begin! Michael Jackson, Prince, David Bowie, La Roux, N.E.R.D, Andre 3000, Kelis, Lupe Fiasco, A-Trak , Janelle Monae, Lady Gaga, Jay-Z, Black Eyed Peas, and PLENTY more.

4. What is the electronic scene like in your part of Michigan?

It’s a growing scene!!! Like we mentioned before we are still new to the scene but its amazing to see how fast its growing…We checked out a Bassnectar and Pretty Lights show recently both of which were sold out..It was great. The local DJ’s do very well also..

5. What’s building up for FWW in 2010?

We anticipate 2010 being one of our most productive years. We recently signed a distribution deal with Dandy Kid Records and plan to release 2 EPs with them. We also plan on jumping on their North America Tour as well as finalizing our mixtape, “Fly By Shooting”. Being from the Midwest, we haven’t experienced the joys of performing in a major city like LA or Miami so we look forward to that as well. We cannot wait to expand our craft for the world to hear and just continue to have fun making enjoyable music.

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