I really dig this guys musik…hella dig.


1. How were you first introduced to electronic music?

I guess all of us ’80’s-born-children have never not been surrounded by electronic music. Whether it be the games we played or the god awful commercials aired on the Television. But for me, I didn’t really begin to “see” all that noise as stimulating music until I was in the 7th grade (13/14 years old) when a friend of mine’s older sister traded me a Nine Inch Nails disc for Aphex Twin’s RDJ album. I believe for whatever reason, the Universe wanted me to listen to this music and learn from it. And that I did. For the next 10 years I would listen to music alike in awe, imagining how one could put such intricate designs together. It wasn’t until summer 2005 when I first began creating my own productions. Stumbling over techniques I had only thought of, I found a German program called Ableton would allow me to make most of my “messy ideas” and turn them into something real I and others could listen to, and heck maybe even enjoy. So, after spending about two years making dogshit, I finally began to make songs that sounded almost like unique pieces of work.

2. Your sound has an interesting fusion of blissed out hip-hop and, r&b and electronic sounds-who are some of your big influences?

As a young boy growing up with two older brothers when hip-hop was at it’s boom boom stage, inevitably i was going to hear a lot of both hip-hop AND r&b. sayin? Now, it’s like I can’t help it. Sometimes (most of the time) I just like to make a nice hip-hop beat to toss around.

3. What the electronic music scene like in your area?

I am currently attending a school in the U.S. /WA. However, if your referring to where I stay in tokyo…. thats a whole ‘nuther lonnng story (^-^)/

4. Big plans for the rest of 2010?

2010 holds a lot in store for both Pressure Suit as well as my rock band (One Carper Green) we have shows booked throughout Japan for September-Oct that we are super excited for. Also too, I plan to release an actual Pressure Suit disc. Maybe full length maybe only a few songs…. I’ll let my buddies decide what songs they like and go from there.


Dazed & Confused,

DJ Phantom