Artist: Syphilis Sauna | Song: Teelophone by Disco Droppings


1. How were you introduced to electronic music?

Initially thru gangster rap . I loved that they talked about murder and blow jobs . the beats were always hard to me as well . later on of course i got more into earlier industrial noise and IDM . .. that pretty much started me into making it .. and now some 11 years later I find myself full circle .. I spend more time making rap beats then anything else ..

2. How has your music creation process developed over time?

At first it was all made with hardware .. complex midi chains and simplistic patterns with heavy consideration to melody ( I think this is something that most producers do at first .. they want everything to sound like Philip Glass or LPD or something) I used to play piano for hours and hours .. at one point even cutting my finger tips so that I could play faster .. fast forward and I started getting into Circuit bending (because I couldn’t afford to buy new gear) . After I moved to Seattle I started getting into creating music with a laptop .. which of course has its strengths and weaknesses . .. these days I’d say I work on a much more conceptual basis (I’ll do a song about a book or dream or whatever) with special attention being made towards the live set .. nothing worse then a jerk with a laptop not moving or anything ..

3. Have you always been handling so many sounds in your music?

No . my first few Syphilis Sauna albums were rather simple .. though definitely still related (by which I mean they still are pleasantly annoying). I think that as you listen to more and more complex music the ability to understand and thus create it your self increases ..

4. Currently, who are some of your favorite artists?

Well I haven’t had much time lately to really dig in .. so mainly have been listening to old staples : Goblin , Coil , Crystal Castles , NWA , DR Octagon , Necro etc.. though recently was turned on to Die Antwoord and Jack Parow .. really like what’s going on in South Africa currently .. I feel like modern American hip hop is total garbage (the beats are progressive but the raps are drivel) .. it’s like the golden era over there or something ..

5. What is the electronic scene like in your part of Pittsburgh?

Pittsburgh has a long history of being electro-centric . and Ive had the chance , since moving here about 7 months ago , to meet some people that are definitely very dedicated to underground electronic music of all different sorts . I’ve heard it’s in a bit of a lull and indeed its hard to get big numbers of people at shows versus club nights .. though I have heard some amazing live sets here and also think that this summer will be one of joining forces to make shit happen .. Pittsburgh is a PRIME location . so would really like to create something similar to what we’ve done in Seattle and Denver .. a place where producers and musicians of all sorts of underground electronic music can play to a decent crowd that loves weird shit .. I have a good feeling.

Till next time-

DJ Phantom